10 Best Kukri Knives in 2020 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Cold Steel Kukri Trainer
Sale Cold Steel 97MKM Magnum Kukri

Knives and machetes are the most preferred tools to carry along excursions by every survivalist or outdoor enthusiast.

Most of the people are not familiar with the Kukri. It’s a unique cutting tool – one of the most helpful and versatile knives that combines the performance of a hatchet with the precision, accuracy, and hardness of a knife.

Kukri machetes originate from Nepal and its surroundings, where they are used by their militaries and are part of the regional culture and tradition. The thinner Eastern/Sirupate Kukri and the broad Western/Budhuna kukri are the two main styles of kukri machetes divided by their design.

Kukri machetes and blades have different thickness and hardness. Many years of testing improved their sturdiness and efficiency. Many generations have appreciated kukris’ exceptional design- which is always changing because of its extensive spreading to other parts of the world.

According to the blade thickness in most cases, the kukri knife’s design changes in two main categories: The first one is the thinner Eastern/Sirupate Kukri, and the second one is Western/Budhuna Kukri.

Below we will list you the best kukri knives to make it easier for you to decide which one is the best and which one will suit your job depending on how you intend to use it.

Best Kukri

Cold Steel Kukri Trainer

This kukri knife has a blade with a sharp edge ready for use. The Cold Steel model’s handle has good grips that won’t slide out of your hand. The plastic is very solid, so you shouldn’t worry about breaking it. Its full tang design prevents bending when you are cutting hard materials.

This kukri knife is really lightweight- only 7.2 ounces. It ensures maximum durability with its 12 inches blade length, making it easy to clear campsites, cutting small branches, or even chopping woods.

The material of the blade, its design, and size are perfectly suitable for martial arts practice, but also for survivalists, campers, or backpackers on a journey or on a campsite.

The Schrade kukri is handy for cutting plant life or solely for home use when removing weeds in the garden.

EGKH Gripper Handle Kukri


This product is one of the priciest units in our list of reviews, but it is undoubtedly the best kukri knife.

The manufacturer gives you high-quality knives and machetes with the most excellent construction and performance that will never disappoint you.

The EGKH blade is handmade by”Bishwakarmas” (Born khukuri Makers) using top quality materials such as high carbon steel with a sturdy handle and comfortable Kraton to give you a long-lasting knife that will serve its purpose.

The design provides this kukri knife with a forward blade weight, which makes it exceptional. This makes cutting smooth and making deep cuts with almost no effort. The EGKH company provides a sturdy secure-ex sheath for easy transportation and secure storage.

The blade’s overall length is sixteen inches long, with plenty of cutting space. It comes razor-sharp ready for immediate use. It is able to cut through practically everything.

This knife is the perfect choice whether you want to use it around the garden or you take it with you to explore the wilderness. It can be quite pricey, so it may cost you some extra money to get its services.

Cold Steel All-Purpose Tactical Machete



This survival kukri is the cheapest item on our list. According to its price, this is the best Kukri in terms of high-quality construction and performance.

Its kukri design features a durable magnum blade made of cold steel, which gets on to a stable and robust polypropylene handle for better comfort and a more helpful grip.

The blade length of this kukri knife is 17 inches long with a forwarding weight balance design to ensure you can handle even the most challenging jobs. This cold steel kukri blade includes a riveted Cordura sheath with a reinforced tip for handling and carrying it safely on your duties.

This cold steel kukri machete is ideal for gardeners since its angled blade edge design enables deeper cuts through wood and tall weed. You will be able to clear fields with no chopping ability.

For anyone shopping on a tight budget, this is the ideal Kukri to offer a great balance between price and quality.

Schrade Kukri Machete




This model is a full tang kukri machete that has the thickest blade compared to the other models from our list. The thickness of the stainless steel blade is 1/8 inch, with a thick black powder coating.

The blade length is 13.3 inches long. The safety grip handle has a lanyard hole and is really comfortable. This is the best kukris for sale that comes with a long-lasting polyester sheath when you buy it. The total length of the kukri handle is 6.4 inches, which also the longest among the other knives.

When you purchase this Kukri for bushcraft, it comes dull, so that it will need a lot of sharpening before usage.

The set includes a sheath made of polyester, a sturdy pouch with a Ferro rod, and a diamond stone sharpener to help you sharpen your blade. For more versatility and comfort when you carry your knife, it comes with shoulder and hip straps and some loops for attaching it to your belt or bag.

This mid-price kukri knife is the perfect choice for every survival fan.

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Condor Tool & Knife

This is the best Kukri with many purposes for survival enthusiasts or soldiers.

This brand offers a heavy-duty kukri model with 10 inches long high carbon steel blade with a blasted satin finish for all kinds of diverse applications such as chopping tasks, fieldwork, or even use it as a self-defense weapon.

This is a traditional heavy-duty kukri with a comfortable and impressive hardwood handle that gives it a classic look. It comes with a black leather sheath to keep and secure the blade in order to prevent any accidents when you do not use it.

This is the best quality blade suitable for all types of customers and needs. It is a perfect combination of a balance between blade length and weight. It is heavy but still well balanced and for secure handling and treatment.

Ideal for gardening, bushcraft, hunting, camping, and all types of outdoor activities.

SOG Specialty Knives Kukri Machete

When it comes to knives and machetes, this our most favorite brand, what they offer is a multifunctional tactical kukri with a high carbon steel blade with a saw back design.

The handle material is made of Kraton and has holes for attaching lanyards. It is 6 inches long and provides you with enough gripping space for maximum comfort and security for your hand.

The blade length is 12 inches long. Its edge blade design will help you complete different tasks with less effort. A protective synthetic sheath is included in the equipment for secure and safe handling.

This kukri machete is a perfect addition to your survival kit or utility belt. It is perfectly suitable for clearing trails and brush thanks or even self-defense. Survivalists, hunters, and outdoor lovers will appreciate its capabilities.

We highly recommend this survival knife manufactured by one of the best kukri brands.

Ontario Kukri Knife


This is 11 inches long kukri blade made of high carbon steel with a black finish. The overall length is 17 inches, which makes it perfect for cutting bushes, clearing paths, or simply use it as a protection weapon.

This utility knife comes with a durable rubber handle with lanyard hole and grooves that will provide you with comfort.

A nylon sheath is included to store and carry it on your missions without any problem. This type of sheaths is not very durable, so you might need to replace it sometime in the future when it wears off.

This Kukri feels really well-balanced. It offers durability and functionality in all types of work. Take this fighting knife out with you to the wilderness or outdoors as it will help you move through the thick brush with ease.

Magnum Pocket Kukri Knife

This Kukri has the size of a pocket knife and is the smallest one so far. Its overall length is 4-5/8 inches and is very lightweight. The blade is made of stainless steel with a straight edge construction for fast cutting and chopping.

It has a G-10 handle with some stainless steel liners. It is quite sturdy and ensures the blade is in place when you do not use it. The fanciest part about this gear is that it is elementary to open with just a flick of the wrist, and it will keep the cutting edge long enough for you to do your work.

When you purchase it, it comes sharp enough and ready for immediate use. This tool is helpful when chopping small branches or doing a variety of other outdoor tasks. Considering the price range of the kukri knives and machetes, this is the second most affordable among the other products in our reviews.

Genuine Gurkha Aeof Kukri



This British Gurkha kukri knife is handmade and has an authentic classic look. The blade is made of hand-forged high-grade carbon steel material that is semi-polished and double fullered for a traditional appearance.

It has a beautiful look, and its rosewood handle has a full tang design that guarantees a sturdy, durable, and comfortable grip in case you use it for an extended period. This Gurkha kukri comes with buffalo leather sheath that has some straps for easy transportation.

The equipment also includes Chakmak- for sharpening your tool and Karda small knives -for skinning animals.

This 10-inch blade is the perfect choice for experts looking for a high-quality product that will do heavy-duty work with ease.

The craftsmanship of these unpolished and handcrafted traditional Gurkha kukri knives and machetes is exceptional. It will serve you for many years, and you will never be disappointed.

Smith & Wesson Outback SWBH Full Tang Kukri




This is one of the best kukri knives with high-quality blade construction that will guarantee you durability through all heavy-duty challenges. It has a 17-inch blade with a handguard and deep grooves on the rubber handle for maximum control and stability.

You can use and swing it doing your fieldwork for an extended time without worrying about exhaustion at all.

This combat kukri knife comes with a polyester sheath that can be attached to either your belt or hanged on your shoulder to make transportation as easy as it can get. It is exceptionally weight- balanced and guarantees you a lifetime sharpness.

Considering our price point of kukri knives and machetes, this is probably the most affordable blade with high quality. It will justify the money you spend to get its services with a lifetime warranty.

Wrap up

The first and most important thing you should consider when buying a kukri machete is its blade. The blades are made of different types of materials, but most of them are high carbon steel because it is very durable, but there are also inexpensive ones made from cheap steel that won’t last long.

Blades have different lengths and weights suitable for different applications. The multipurpose blades are the smallest ones that are easier to carry in your belt sheath or backpack.

The second most crucial factor you should consider in a kukri machete is the handle materials since they may vary from traditional wood-like ivory and rosewood to advanced polymers. Some of them have finger grooves for a more comfortable and firm grip.

When buying the best kukri machetes choose wisely because they are all different. It is essential to know that there are specific essential characteristics that will define the good traditional kukri blades, and you need to follow them.

There is no such thing as the best Kukri on the market. It all depends on how you plan to use it. They all have unique features.

You need to consider blade designs and blade lengths, also do not forget the blade material, blade shape, handle scales, blade angle, blade steel, curve, weight, strength, etc. in other words – all the advantages and disadvantages.

In conclusion, when buying kukri machetes there are always going to be pros and cons so go on and read the tips we have given you in our buying guide and make your selection with confidence.

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