Top 10 BEST Air Hockey Tables of 2020

Whether you are looking for a gift for your young child, or you are an advanced air hockey player, there are so many air hockey tables on the market, that the choice can be a bit daunting.

Our opinion is that the best overall air hockey table for 2020 is the Valley-Dynamo Fire Storm because of its top quality build and numerous features, but read on to find out more about all of the top 10 best air hockey tables for beginners, enthusiasts and for advanced players for 2020.

Best overall

Valley-Dynamo Fire Storm Air Hockey Table

The absolute best air hockey table on the market is this amazing and immersive new generation hockey table which is larger and better than its famous Hot Flash predecessor. The goal design includes a speaker right behind the puck return and in front of the player which will emit incredibly realistic bangs, pings, and other sounds during the game.

The incredible air hockey table has light all around the outside which will flash every time someone scores. It is also fitted with the powerful Dyna Blast blower system which will help the puck slide perfectly on the table surface every time.

The surface is made of glowing UV coated and impact resistant Formica which provides additional impressive visual effects during the game.

You will feel like you are on an actual hockey rink thanks to the overhead styling of the table, its interactive LED, and all the lighting and sound effects which add to the thrilling and immersive experience every time you enjoy a game of hockey with your friends.

With the amazing backlit graphics and the interactive flashing light along with the overhead backlight, this air hockey table is the closest you can get to playing real hockey.

It has a LED overhead scoring display, an optional display, automatic scorekeeping and optical infrared jam proof scoring technology.

The premium quality Valley-Dynamo Fire Storm Air Hockey Table has included Dynamo logo protective side sheets and is the absolute best way to enjoy a game of air hockey.

The table is made with a sturdy cabinet construction which will withstand years of vigorous play and use.

This table is pretty hefty and very stable. When assembled its size is 71 inches high, 51.5 inches wide, and 99.5 inches deep along with the overhead. The weight of the table is 475 lbs.

The shipping dimensions are 57 x 17 x 103 inches, and it weighs 485 lbs. so you will definitely need some serious help getting it in and assembling it. It is fitted with easy to adjust leg levelers, so you can set it up perfectly leveled and ready to use.

But all of this effort is absolutely worthwhile, because once you start playing, you will forget about everything else, and will get completely immersed in the hockey match.

The best air hockey table for 2020 is sold with a fluorescent green puck, a white puck, and two mallets. It is offered with a 1-year warranty, but given its premium quality, we are pretty sure that it will last a lifetime.

The runner-up

Valley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey Table

TheValley-Dynamo 8ft Pro Style Air Hockey table was designed by professionals and made for professionals. This premium quality air hockey table has been approved by the US Air-Table Hockey Association and is a top of the line table preferred by pros and enthusiasts alike.

The sturdy and beautiful cabinet is made of wood, and it stands on heavy-duty polystyrene legs with durable leg levelers which will automatically adjust the level of the table, no matter the surface it is placed on. It is designed to handle a lot of serious playing, wear and tear from fast air hockey games and will stay stable no matter how wild the game is getting.

It also has tournament tested 3 1/8 inch aluminum and it features a patented Dyna-Blast Blower system just like our top pick – the Fire Storm table.  This system provides a cushion of air which makes the playing surface as friction-free as possible and as close to the ice on the hockey rink as possible. This allows for fast and non-stop playing and an incredible air hockey gaming experience.

Thanks to its electronic scoring unit, tracking the score has never been easier.

Unlike some of the arcade style air hockey tables, this Pro Style table by Valley-Dynamo has a classy and elegant design, which will blend into your décor easily. It has a professional look and feels and is an excellent option if you are looking for a pro-style air hockey table for a tournament hall, or if you are a pro level player yourself.

The overall dimensions of this top quality air hockey table are 99.5 inches in length, 51.5 inches in width and 31 inches in height. The playing surface is 93 inches long and 45 inches wide. The overall weight of the air hockey table is 435 lbs.

You can order the overhead light and scoring unit separately if you want to make this air hockey table even more professional and immersive.

It comes with two mallets and two pucks to get you started.

With an air hockey table like this, even if you are not a professional player, you will definitely feel like one.

The best budget-friendly option

Best Choice Products 40in Air Hockey Table w/ Electric Fan Motor, 2 Strikers, Pucks – Multicolor

If you are not ready to break the bank for a professional air hockey table like our top picks for 2020, then we recommend you opt for the Best Choice Products 40inch Air Hockey table instead. This is the best budget-friendly option available for 2020for this kind of gear.

The dimensions of this reasonably priced air hockey table are 40 inches in length, 20 inches in width and 8.5 inches in height. It weighs only 16 lbs. so it is easily portable.

Thanks to the 100V electric fan motor, the air emitted creates a smooth and frictionless experience on the surface during the game.

It has a simple but colorful and realistic design and is very easy to set up. The budget-friendly air hockey table comes with 3 pucks and 2 mallets, so you and your friends can take it out of the box, quickly set it up and start playing immediately.

The design of this affordable air hockey table is for tabletops. Thanks to its light weight you can easily move it on and off of a suitable table when you decide you want to play.

It comes with manual style abacus scorers behind both goals which the player can quickly and easily slide every time somebody scores.

The goal boxes have convenient puck return for an interrupted gaming experience.

This is a kid and family friendly air hockey table which is easy to set up, transport and store away when not in use.

It is the best budget air hockey table for children, for entire families and for non-professional use for 2020.

The rest of the best air hockey tables for 2020

Homewear 1921 Electric Air Hockey Table, Multi, 36″

The Homewear 1921 Electric Air hockey table is another affordable option for those of you looking for a gift for your children or for a reasonably priced table to enjoy a fun game of air hockey with friends.


  • The table is made of sturdy wood
  • The dimensions of the assembled table are 36 inches in length, 30 inches in width and 19 inches in height
  • It comes with a nifty manual scoreboard
  • It is sold with 2 pucks, 2 strikers and an AC/DC power adaptor for the air fan
  • The table costs less than $50
  • It is easy to set up and can fit in any room or home
  • It is an excellent gift for any child or for a friend who loves air hockey

Kole Imports Air Hockey Table Top Game

If you want a tabletop air hockey table which you can easily store away and transport, then the Kole Imports Air Hockey table is an excellent and affordable choice.


  • It costs less than $50
  • The table is perfect for parties, friendly games and for kids
  • The table is compact and light – 22 x 12 x 4 inches, and weighs only 8.46 lbs. so it can fit on just about any table
  • The air fan requires 8 AA batteries, so you don’t need to plug it in
  • The table comes with 2 pucks and 2 paddles
  • It is a great gift for children for any occasion

48″ Air Hockey Table With Electronic Scorer

Sportcraft is a reputable and well-known name when it comes to indoor and outdoor game tables and games, and the 48inch Sportcraft Hockey Table is among its best tables for children and for casual games with friends.


  • It is compact and yet sturdy
  • The dimensions of the table when assembled are 48 inches in length, 24 inches in width and 30 inches in height
  • It comes with 2 pucks and 2 pushers
  • The table has an electronic scoreboard for easy tracking of the score during the game
  • The electric motorized fan provides a smooth and continuous puck gliding experience for an enjoyable game experience
  • The legs have levelers so you can set the table up even on an uneven surface
  • The sides have cool mountain look graphics
  • It is an excellent option for children, families and for parties
  • The table is affordable and well built
  • It is sold with everything necessary to set it up and start playing

Brunswick 7ft Air Hockey Table – Windchill

If you want a classic, full-sized indoor air hockey table without all those flashy light and sound effects, then you may want to check out this top quality and very elegant 7-foot air hockey table by Brunswick Billiards.


  • A very sleek and modern design which will complement your décor perfectly
  • It doesn’t have the flashy lights and sound effects which some people find annoying
  • The full sized air hockey table is 83.75 x 41.75 x 30 inches in size and weighs 149 lbs.
  • It is fitted with a strong UL blower which blows constantly on the entire playing surface and keeps the game going
  • It has a high gloss playing surface
  • The sturdy pedestal base will keep the table leveled and in place, no matter how wild or fast the game gets
  • The table is made of tough and durable MDF
  • Each side has sliding abacus scorers
  • The table is sold with 4 pucks and 2 mallets
  • It is easy to assemble
  • It comes with a 90 day warranty for defects

Premium Black 7-ft Air Hockey Chrome Table w/5 Year Warranty from

If you want to buy an arcade style air hockey table so that you and your family and friends can enjoy a fun and immersive air hockey gaming experience, then you should consider purchasing this superb Premium 7-foot air hockey chrome table by


  • It provides arcade-style experience and action which can enjoy in the privacy and comfort of your own home
  • It is fitted with a pro grade high output UL 110V air blower motor
  • It has a modern automatic electronic scoring unit
  • It also has a timer and multiple game settings to choose from
  • The table has more than 3,500 air holes which help achieve superb pluck floating, sliding without any dead spots
  • The cabinet is made of sturdy MDF which is CARB certified and covered with PVC melamine with elegant chrome accents
  • The dimensions of the assembled table are 84 inches in length, 46 inches in width and 32 inches in height
  • The playfield itself is 77 x 39 x 1 inches
  • The playfield surface is made of high gloss, scratch resistant poly sealed MDF
  • It comes with 4 ergonomic strikers (3.75 inches) and 4 red hockey pucks (3 inches)
  • The table has fully faced sturdy aluminum side rails for excellent ricochet and puck return and action
  • The pedestal has 2 legs and 5 independent leg levelers to keep the playfield surface perfectly levelled and even no matter what
  • The top quality table is sold with a 5-year warranty

Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

If you are looking for a top quality air hockey table for competitive use, then you can’t go wrong with the Gold Standard Games Home Pro Elite Air Hockey Table.


  • The table was designed by professional air hockey champions and endorsed by 10 times champions Danny Hynes and Tim Weissman and 2 times champion Mark Robbins
  • It is suitable for professional and for home use for hardcore players
  • The top is covered with a special wear and scratch resistant laminate which will endure years of wear and tear
  • The powerful electrical air fan provides incredibly smooth gameplay and is the same type used in large arcade air hockey tables
  • There is a nifty electrical scoreboard
  • You can also set the timer or the game to end when a player scores a certain number of points
  • The table has solid, low profile aluminum rails for a pro-style bounce and bankability during the game
  • It features a centerline and a face-off circle for professional competitions
  • It has amazing side graphics which are optional
  • It is sold with a professional sized puck (3 3/16 inches)
  • It is 87 x 49 x 19 inches in size

Gold Standard Games Tournament Pro Elite Air Hockey Table

 This high-end professional air hockey table is approved and fully sanctioned for tournament play by the US Air Hockey Association.


  • Designed by 2 times air hockey champion Mark Robbins
  • Funny sanctioned by the US Air Hockey Association for use in official tournaments
  • Professional quality cabinet and legs which are built to last for years
  • The top of the playing surface is made of wear-resistant laminate for longevity and a smooth playing experience
  • Low profile, professional style aluminum rails
  • A commercial blower for pro range air flow suitable for championship tournaments
  • The size of this high-end air hockey table is 99 ½ x 51 ¼ x 72 inches and weighs 458 lbs.
  • It comes with 2 professional sized USAA sanctioned and fiberglass filled Lexan pucks and 2 mallets
  • Heavy duty goal construction
  • An overhead light and score unit
  • It offers white or black lighting options

The different types of air hockey tables

Air hockey has been gaining popularity over the years because it is a fast pace, exciting game which actually requires quite a lot of skills, practice, and of course a suitable air hockey table. There are large puck models and small puck models available on the market. The full-sized pucks have diameters of 3 ¼ inches and smaller ones are usually 2 ½ inches or less. The smaller puck air hockey tables are usually with weaker airflow and are less expensive than the larger ones.

Nevertheless, there is a wide variety of air hockey tables available for all ages, skill levels and needs.

Here are the basic types of air hockey tables you can choose from:

Tabletop air hockey tables

These are perfect for kids and for family games. They are compact and without legs, so you can easily put them away in storage when you are not using them. They are quite cool toys and games which you can enjoy with your children and with friends on occasion.

Standard air hockey tables

These air hockey tables are generally inexpensive but yet still can provide a satisfying air hockey experience in the comfort of your home. Usually, they don’t come with all the bells and whistles of the large-sized air hockey tables, but they are perfectly suited for occasional games with the family and with friends.

Arcade style air hockey tables

If you like Arcade style air hockey, then you should opt for one of these tables. They are usually 8 feet in length and full-sized. They are fitted with powerful motors which enhance the gameplay and eliminate any dead zones on the playfield. They can come with electronic scoreboards, light and sound effects, and provide an amazingly enjoyable, immersive experience. They also have rebound rails which promote a perfect deflection and bounce of the puck.

The arcade style air hockey tables are also usually the most expensive types available on the market but they are built to withstand years of intensive fast play, so you can expect a table like this to last forever.

Professional tournament air hockey tables

These are the tables used at official tournaments and are regulated and approved by the US Air Hockey Association. They are full-sized, with powerful motors and air jets and laminated surfaces which provide a smooth gaming experience and which are scratch and wear resistant. They are large sized and hefty, and quite expensive, so they are suited for advanced or pro players who want the perfect air hockey table for practice and gameplay.

Final words

Our hopes are that we have helped you find the best air hockey table to suit your needs, the space you have, as well as your skill set and of course your budget. We have picked the top 10 best air hockey tables for 2020, and have chosen the top rated products of all different types of tables offered on the market right now. Our list contains small-sized tabletop tables costing less than $50, as well as full-sized high-end professional air hockey tables, so we believe that there is a perfect air hockey table for just about anyone included in it.

Good luck with your purchase and enjoy the excitement and emotions of playing this wonderful table game!

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