The 9 Best Gymnastic Rings in 2021 (Wood & Plastic)

Gymnastic rings may not be the first piece of gym or workout gear that comes to mind, but the fact is that they have multiple advantages when used for workouts.

The gymnastic rings can break the monotony of your regular home workouts. They are usually much more affordable than other home gym equipment, and also, they will provide you with challenges which other gym gear and exercises cannot.

Gymnastics with rings is not only for gymnasts. The fact is that they can allow you to exercise your upper body, your core, improve your balance and stability, agility, and help you develop a strong grip. This is why they are used for military training, CrossFit workouts, and for all other types of exercise.

Also, they are portable, and you can use them at home, outdoors, or at the gym.

Best Gymnastic Rings

We have chosen the top gymnastic rings for 2021 and have included rings of all types, sizes, and materials, as well as in different price ranges for you.

Read on to find out more about favorite on the market right now.

Rogue Gymnastic Wood Rings

The Rogue Gymnastics Wood Rings are among the wooden gymnastic rings you can buy on the market in 2021.

These premium quality wood rings are preferred by advanced gymnasts and athletes because of the more natural grip which the natural wood provides. In fact, they offer an excellent grip with or without the use of chalk.

The good wood gymnastic rings are made of premium Baltic birch wood in Columbus, Ohio, and are offered in two size options, 1.25-inch standard wood for CrossFit and 1.11-inch wood FIG in accordance with the International Gymnastics Federation standards for gymnastics competitions.

The standard 1.25-inch size rings are fatter and thus more challenging for workouts.

The Olympic quality rings are suitable for gymnasts and non-gymnasts alike and will help improve the core and upper body strength along with the overall balance and alignment of the joints.

Rings for gymnastics can be used for muscle-ups, pull-ups, ring dips, ring push-ups, front and back levers, dips, ring rows, and more.

You can buy the Rogue wooden rings without straps or with 16 foot black, tan or green straps, which are made of heavy-duty nylon and a width of 1.5 inches. They have sturdy buckles to make sure that you can set up the rings quickly and easily indoors or outside. The remaining part of the straps can be conveniently secured via the added Velcro straps.

The high-quality wood gymnastics rings are backed by a 2-year warranty for the wood and a 1-year warranty for the straps.

They are the top-rated wooden gymnastic rings you can buy and are perfect for gyms and for home and individual use as well.

Rogue Gymnastic Steel Rings

These are the first set of gymnastics rings that were designed and made by the leader in the industry Rogue Fitness back in 2006.

Today, 14 years later, they are still among the highest quality steel gymnastics rings money can buy.

The 1.25-inch fat grip steel rings weigh 7 lbs. and come with 1,5-inch wide nylon straps with sturdy buckles and Velcro straps for an easy and quick set up in your home gym, garage, or outside on a tree branch.

Each gymnastic ring is handmade from 1.25-inch 14-gauge steel tubes, which are welded by hand and then coated with zinc phosphate plating, which offers a grippy coating.

The powder coating works very well with chalk and also will protect the rings from corrosion and keep them looking shiny and in pristine condition for years.

The best-selling Rogue gymnastics steel rings are suitable for use at competitions, at CrossFit events, as well as for home or gym use.

Being powder coated, the steel rings are more suitable for outdoor use than the natural wood tones.

Overall, these excellent rings are one of the gymnastics rings for outdoor workouts.

Rogue Echo Rings

If you really want to buy and own a set of Rogue rings but are not ready to break the bank for the higher-end models, then the Rogue Echo is an excellent option for you.

These gymnastics rings are much less expensive than the wood or steel ones offered by Rogue, and still are of top quality and will allow you to perform all of the standard types of gym ring exercises indoors or outside.

The rings are made of durable plastic, which is weather-resistant and provides a great grip.

They come in a standard 1.25-inch diameter size only and have 16-foot black nylon Rogue straps with the standard sturdy and reliable Rogue buckles and Velcro straps.

The rings are easy to hang inside and outside and will allow you to exercise wherever you want.

The reasonably priced plastic gymnastics rings do not look cheap or like they are made of low-quality plastic. In fact, they look like high-end exercise rings and will endure a lot of wear and tear.

They are the leading budget-friendly option available for a home CrossFit gym or for individual training inside or out.

Elite Sportz Gymnastic Rings


These top-rated gymnastic rings by Elite Sportz are one of the finest bangs for the buck you can find. They cost under $30 and yet are well-built and reliable.

They are made of sturdy and waterproof polycarbonate plastic, and their surface is textured and suitable for outdoor use and for use in your home gym as well.

The rings are 9.25 inches in diameter, with 7-inch internal circle diameters, and come with sturdy nylon straps, which are 15 feet long, 1 inch wide, and reliable buckles.

The gymnastics rings are sold with a bonus skipping rope to add even more gear and sweat to your CrossFit or other workouts.

You can access the company’s website, where there are numerous instructional videos on setting the rings up and the different exercises you can perform with them.

Their smaller size makes them suitable for children and ladies with smaller hands as well.

The inexpensive gymnastic rings are sold with a complete satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy with your purchase, you can return them and get a full refund.

They are an excellent choice for those of you on a tight budget or for beginners who want to try out working out with gym rings.

Double Circle Wood Gymnastic Rings


If you want to buy CrossFit-sized wood gymnastic rings, then the Double Circle rings are among the perfect deals you will find.

The high-quality gym rings have a CrossFit event standard 1.25-inch thickness and a 9.25 inch outer and 8.75 inner diameters. They are made of premium quality natural wood, which offers a secure grip even without having to use chalk.

The gymnastic rings come with sturdy and reliable 1.5-inch wide straps made of nylon and with 4 extra-strong carabiners to secure them. The straps have measurements on them, and the carabiners can be attached at any length in 4-inch increments thanks to the numbered hook system.

Thanks to the embroidered numbering system, it will never fade or wear off from the straps.

The leveling system is very quick and easy to adapt and has a capacity of up to 800 lbs.

This makes this gymnastic ring set one of the easiest to set up.

You will receive a convenient carry bag for the rings and straps when you buy these wood rings, as well as a free eBook and online access to training videos with all the various types of exercises and techniques to use when training with your gym rings.

The wood gymnastic rings are sold with a satisfaction guarantee, and the manufacturer will return your money or replace them in case you are not satisfied with them.

As a whole, these 1.25-inch wood rings with embroidered and numbered straps are one of the best gym rings you can buy.

NAYOYA Gymnastic Rings Workout Set


The Nayoya Gymnastic Rings are offered at an excellent price and are suitable for home gyms and for individual training sessions at home or outside.

The rings are made of sturdy ABS plastic and have a slip-proof textured grip. They are 1.1 inches thick and have an external diameter of 9 inches and an internal one of 6.75 inches.

They can support a weight of up to 2,000 lbs. and can be used for all types of gym ring exercises anywhere.

The affordable rings are easy to set up and can be hung anywhere where there is a stable and reliable hook, branch, or another suitable place.

They come with detailed instructions on how to insert and buckle the straps correctly so that there is no risk of slippage and injury.

Overall, the Nayoya gymnastic rings are among the plastic rings on the market, with a huge weight carrying capacity and a secure hanging system suitable for beginners and advanced users alike.

Emerge Wooden Olympic Gymnastic Rings


These gymnastic rings are another pair of excellent rings for CrossFit workouts and for home exercise use.

The wooden rings are FIG standard sized, with a thickness of 1.1 inches, perfect for gymnasts and for non-gymnasts.

They are made of solid wood, which provides a natural, comfortable grip even without chalk.

The rings are sold with military-grade webbed straps, which are 15 feet long and 1.5 inches wide and have robust buckles.

The wood gymnastic rings have 9-inch diameters and internal diameters of 7.1 inches and are specially designed to prevent splinters.

They can safely hold a weight of up to 800 lbs.

They are of high quality and will allow you to get in shape fast and build up your core and upper body strength without putting a heavy impact on your joints.

Being made of wood, they are more suitable for use indoors, but you can take them out for an outdoor workout when it is not raining too.

PACEARTH Wood Gymnastics Rings 1500lbs/992lbs


If you are looking for a set of gymnastic rings with a fatter grip for more challenging and efficient workouts, then these wood rings by PaceEarth are an excellent choice.

They are 1.26 inches thick and made of high-quality birch wood, which provides the natural and comfortable grip of natural wood without the need for chalk. Then again, if you feel the need for a more secure grip, the rings come with blue hand tapes which absorb the sweat and are anti-dust and anti-slip.

The straps are 14.76 feet long and are 1.5 inches wide, which makes them durable and safe with sturdy serrated buckles.

They weigh 4.5 lbs. along with the straps, so they are easy to carry with you when you go outdoors to train.

You can also purchase the rings with a smaller thickness of 1.11 inches.

They can support a weight of up to 992 lbs. and are very sturdily built and suitable for heavy workout sessions and for everyday use.

PACEARTH Gymnastic Rings 1100lbs Capacity


These affordable gymnastic rings by PaceEarth have a capacity to hold a weight of up to 1100 lbs, which is more than most gym rings of this type and range.

They are made of durable ABS and have slip-proof textured surfaces.

Each ring has an internal diameter of 7.1 inches and a width of 1.1 inches, and it weighs less than one pound.

The inexpensive rings come with added anti-skid hand tapes, which will help secure your grip even when your hands are sweaty.

The included nylon straps have serrated buckles and are 14.76 feet long.

They are easy to set up and can be used for all of the different types of gymnastic ring exercises for strengthening the upper parts of your body and your core and for improving the balance and toning your body.

They come in black, red, or yellow color options and are among the most affordable of all the gymnastic rings on this list.


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