Top 7 Best Grill Cover Reviews For 2021

Grills are an essential appliance in every household. We mean, come on… who doesn’t like barbeques in the open? Spending a few more bucks on a high-quality grill is never a bad idea when, of course, you plan to use it regularly and maintain it properly!

Proper grill maintenance includes regular clean-up and good storage, and the latter won’t be possible without the perfect grill cover. A durable grill cover will keep your grill safe during rains, snowfalls, winds, and scorching summer days. We decided to help you choose one by gathering the leading heavy-duty covers for bbq on the market in one place, and we guarantee you will be pleased with each one of them!

Best Grill Cover

Unicook Heavy Duty Waterproof Barbeque Gas Grill Cover

We tried several products by Unicook, but this one definitely grabbed our attention with its great material and durability. This waterproof grill cover is made of unique fade-resistant fabric that can withstand rain, UV, snow, and pretty much all weather conditions.

In terms of design, we also love the two handles at the sides that allowed us to fit and remove this cover for grill with ease. Moreover, these durable handles can also be used for hanging the cover for bbq in your pantry. With this barbeque grill cover, you also get wide fastening straps (1.5″) that are very durable and can securely prevent the cover from slipping.

The grill cover’s dimensions are 42″ Height, 23″ Depth, and 60″Width. What we liked the most is that it fits pretty much all grills that have up to 4 burners and measure up to 58″ in width. The smart design of this heavy-duty grill cover allows you to move the grill freely since its wheels won’t be entirely covered. This grill cover also features mesh vents that are covered and let moisture escape.

Unicook Heavy Duty Small 50-inch BBQ Cover

Unicook products are really great, and the best part is, the brand offers different grill covers for all types of grills. Depending on the size and shape of your grill, you can find the perfect grill cover that will keep your unit safe. This next suggestion on our list is suitable for smaller grills, which have 2 or 3 burners. If your grill is around 42-48 ” in width, then this grill cover will be perfect for it.

The dimensions of the product are 50″ width by 22″ depth and 40″ height. Just like the previous item reviewed, this grill cover will not prevent you from moving your grill from place to place as it will not cover its wheels completely. This is one of the greatest grill covers in terms of durability since it is made of sturdy, fade-resistant fabric that is waterproof and can resist UV.

The design of this barbeque cover is ingenious as the model features two handles at each side for easier storage and moving. When it comes to bbq covers, the level of air circulation they create is also essential. This grill cover features wide mesh vents that are covered and let moisture escape. This also prevents your grill cover from blowing away when there are strong winds.

Kingkong Gas Grill Cover 7553

This is a large grill cover that is suitable for most grills with up to 4 burners and 58″ width. It is designed to provide safety for your grill and calmness for you. The unit’s dimensions are 60” W x 24” D x 44” H, and it has a stylish black color with the dope logo of the brand in its right corner.

This Kingkong grill cover, just like all other King Kong grill covers, is made of high-quality material that is entirely weather-resistant and will protect your grill for a long time! This material is a newly developed polyester fabric that won’t get damaged even under the heaviest of rains and snowfalls. UV light also won’t be a problem.

When you own a grill, you should always make sure you have the right cover to keep it safe! However, some cheap products can easily get damaged by weather conditions or simply get blown away by a strong wind. Well, not kingkong grill covers! This grill cover features large Velcro straps that will keep it secure on the barbeque while you’re doing your everyday chores or simply having a cup of coffee on your porch.

Classic Accessories BBQ Grill Cover

This next suggestion on our list of the leading barbeque covers is a bit more expensive than some other products on the market, but it is undoubtedly worth the money. It is a weatherproof grill cover made of reliable woven polyester fabric. Moreover, it has a unique UV-stabilized coating that makes it super durable.

As if that were not enough, this Classic Accessories grill cover features a laminated backing that is free of carcinogenic chemicals and makes the product completely water-resistant and suitable for all weather conditions. What we love about the design of this cover is that it features structured self-supporting air vents that ensure maximum ventilation.

Just like the previous covers we reviewed, this water-resistant grill cover has reinforced padded handles that make installing and removing it super easy. The one thing that makes this unit one of the top grill covers out there, though, is the patented WindLock secure attachment system. This means you get a belted hem with clock-close straps that is adjustable and can be customized to fit any grill with exceptional security.

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Classic Accessories 73912 Veranda Water-Resistant BBQ Grill Cover

We love black, but we also love it when we get the chance to add some color to our yard. That’s why we enjoyed this grill cover so much! It is still very simple and not really vivid (after all, we’re talking brown here), but it is still something different than the other suggestions out there. This is the second product by Classic Accessories that entered our list of the top heavy-duty grill covers, so you get the point- this brand is really amazing!

This grill cover comes in various sizes, but we tried the medium one that has the following measurements: 58″L x 24″D x 48″H. The cover is made of strong Gardelle fabric, treated with PVS under-coating and water-repellant coating. It fits different brands, such as Weber, Brinkmann, Jenn Air, etc.

What we really loved about this water-resisting grill cover were the interior bound seams that added extra strength and durability. Moreover, two padded handles guarantee you get excellent levels of comfort while removing or placing the cover.

The grill cover also features clock-close straps at the front that allows you to secure it perfectly even during the windiest of days. These straps together with the elastic hem cord, make sure you get a tight and custom-like fit.

Grillman Premium BBQ Grill Cover

If you own a grill made by some of the most popular manufacturers- Weber, Brinkmann, and Char Broil, for example, this Grillman grill cover will be suitable for you. Its dimensions are 58″ Length x 24″ Width x 48″ Height, and it will not only cover your grill perfectly, but it will also keep it safe from harmful weather conditions.

We liked the sturdy material this grill cover is made of: PVC-lined Oxford material that is also UV-resistant. Together with the smart design, the material turns this suggestion into one of the most durable ones out there. It is completely waterproof and also tear-resistant.

By “smart design,” we refer mainly to the loop straps and attached fabric hook that you can tighten. That way, you get the perfect fit! Moreover, the cover features convenient side straps for extra tightness. The best part is the fact that this grill cover is super easy to clean. We tried washing it in the washing machine, and it came our perfectly fine. Still, if you don’t want to risk it, simply spray it with water and let it dry under the sun.

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Classic Accessories 55-306-030401-00 Water-Resistant BBQ Grill Cover

Well, obviously, Classic Accessories offer some of the top-quality weather-resistant grill covers since this is the third suggestion by them we decided to include in our list. It is black, stylish, and super durable…probably the reason why it is not the cheapest one out there. Still, this grill cover is worth the money, and we guarantee you will love it, just as much as we did!

This black beauty is made of tough woven fabric capable of withstanding dirt, snow, rain, and sun, pretty much all weather conditions. It has a water-resistant backing that makes it even more durable and does not cover the wheels of your barbeque entirely, which means you will be able to move it easily.

This grill cover comes with a 1-year warranty, so if something happens, the brand will always help you resolve the problem.

We like the design of this grill cover, particularly the bungee hem with corner loops that offer a secure and quick fit. The air vents are also high-quality ones and, most importantly, very effective. They perfectly reduce wind lofting and air condensation. The dimensions of this grill cover are 58″L x 26″D x 48″H.

Wrap Up

A high-quality grill cover will help you keep your grill in perfect condition for many years. This is a must-have item for any household, and you must not hesitate to get one. The items we included in our list are heavy-duty products that are extremely durable and come at great prices.

We paid great attention to the design of each heavy-duty grill cover, so we picked items that feature convenient handles, air vents for better air circulation, water-repellent coatings, and sturdy straps that keep the cover secure. If you find the right grill cover for your needs with the help of this article, don’t forget to check our other pieces you may also find interesting!

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