5 Best Wireless Garage Door Keypads in 2021

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In these difficult times, it is a must for all garage owners to have a remote garage door opener. Owning a garage door remote keypad takes home safety to the next level.

One of the benefits of a garage door remote opener is the quick access it offers. You have to enter the access code that no one, but you know, even though you can give the combination of numbers to your family and not be selfish!

Having a garage door keypad will discourage any criminals from even trying to break in because of the safety sensors and the security features that the keypad has. There are many different garage door keypad models, and some of them work with one brand or model.

Keep in mind that the best garage door keypad is a working one. There are many different garage door keypads available with different programming options. Finding the one that suits you most can be a challenge. We have checked a lot of door keypads and picked these five.

Best Garage Door Keypad

Chamberlain LiftMaster 877max


This garage door keypad offers durability and performance in the area of keyless entry. It has a rolling code technology that stops duplication of the essential frequencies, and it is powered by a 9-volt battery.

This wireless garage door keypad is able to work with up to four remote garage door openers and is easy to program with its Security+ 2.0.

Every time you are expecting a delivery or guests, you can create another temporary security code. This keypad has an option to close all garage doors with one button.

The 877max is limited to all LiftMaster garage door openers made since January 1993, but the good thing is that it syncs quickly and easily to their frequency.

If you want a high-quality remote for the garage door opener, you will surely like this one since it has a waterproof flip cover and can endure years of outdoor use. The door opener also has a backlight keypad that makes numbers easier to see in the dark.

As a matter of fact, if you are not satisfied with the door opener keypad, you can return it within 30 days and get your money back.

  • Rolling code technology
  • Security+2.0
  • Increased radio wave range
  • Weather cover flip
  • Backlit digits
  • 9-volt battery

Genie GK-R Wireless


Genie GK-R garage door opener is a keypad wireless system that has genie intellicode technology allowing you to control three genie garage door openers.

One of the safety features that this door keypad has is that it changes the security pin every time you use it, therefore preventing other people from entering.

It is powered by two AAA batteries and has a low battery indicator that alerts when it is time to change them. The biggest advantage of this wireless garage door keypad is that it has an auto seek dual frequency technology.

This feature is to help ensure that the garage opener will respond despite any frequency interference and improve performance. The garage remote comes with mounting screws and a manual for installation for your convenience.

The genie garage door opener keypad has a lid to protect it from any type of weather and it also has a backlight which increases the visibility of the buttons at the night. You can set a temporary pin code that can be given to anyone who needs to get in and do something.

  • Battery-powered
  • Auto seek dual frequency
  • Cover lid
  • Backlight buttons

Chamberlain 940ev LiftMaster Craftsman


The Chamberlain 940EV garage door opener keypad is designed to be used with a battery or with a wire. It is compatible with all Chamberlain garage door openers produced since 1993. It is installed easily and comes with mounting hardware.

The garage keypad has programming instructions making it easy to connect with a larger number of garage door openers the reason for that is the dual-band radio frequency capability.

It gives access simply by a programmable four-digit passcode. The device will withstand any weather because of the protective cover that is built into it. You lift it up in order to use the simple button layout, and it also has a backlight of the buttons.

The garage door keypad can be programmed with a temporary password for visitors.

  • Easy to use
  • Protective cover
  • Temporary code option
  • For multiple garage doors
  • Compatible with almost every Chamberlain

Skylink KN-318

This garage door opener keypad is a replacement for the G6K keypad series. It has a better design and improved plastic. It can open the garage door with a code that is programmed in the unit. The Skylink KN-318 is cooperative with all Skylink garage door openers.

The garage door opener is easy to install and has two-step programming. It is powered by 1 alkaline battery, and the best thing is that if you enter the passcode wrong 10 times, it automatically locks the keypad for 10 minutes. This operation is known as a Passcode lock timeout.

The model also has cap protection from outside conditions like rain and snow. The device has light digits, and the moment you see it, you know it is an excellent option.

  • Backlit digits
  • Great design
  • Pass code lock timeout
  • Two-step programming

Giant Universal Keypad


This model garage door opener has a waterproof covering for all-weather conditions. With backlight illuminating the led knob in red for easy entry, you can use it at night with no problem. This keypad has vast compatibility with other brands and models like Chamberlain, LiftMaster, Genie, Craftsman, Wayne Dalton, etc.

This device can control two garage door openers, and it has 2 channels. Each channel controls a separate garage door with a different code. The system allows temporary pin code to be programmed for someone or if you are expecting deliveries. It works with multi-frequency. The power source is a battery.

  • Universal
  • Multi-frequency
  • High compatibility
  • 2 channels
  • Protective cover
  • Illuminated buttons

Reasons Why You Need A Garage Door Keypad

Garage door keypads are a great thing to have not only because you will carry 1 or 2 fewer keys in your pocket but also because:

1. Garage door keypads are more reliable than before

By sending an encoded signal to the garage door opener, it opens automatically, and later models have a battery and are safe to use even by kids. Imagine you have a kid that goes to school, but you can’t trust him not to lose the keys, well he can get in the house easily with the keypad.

2. Back up plan

When you lock yourself out of the house and forget the keys inside, or when you lose the remote control for the garage doors, you can enter from the garage by simply using the pad. Just enter the number combination, and you’ll be inside in no time.

Let’s imagine that you are expecting a visitor from out of town, but you can’t be at home to let them in. You can simply give them a temporary code you have already set instead of giving your real code. Smart, huh?

3. Better security

While you try to keep your garage safe by putting the key or the opener in a safe spot, there can be issues when people find your hiding places. Once they do, there is no guarantee that they will not use the items to steal from the garage or even your place if you have a connecting door.

If you use a keypad, there is nothing to worry about- the only way someone is getting in the garage is if they know the pin. With the invention and improvement of smart home security, you can now connect the garage and the keypad to the smart home security systems.

4.  Allow access to neighbors

If you are on good terms with the neighbors, you can ask them to house sit while you are out of town, and with a keypad, you don’t have to give them the keys, just the code.

When you return to your home, just change the pin or don’t if you are good friends with the neighbors, and they are often asking for the lawnmower or the hose or for any other item from the garage.

Wrap up

If you are still wondering which keypad to pick, don’t worry, every single one from the listed above will do just fine. Owning a keypad is becoming more of a necessity rather than a luxury. Thanks to technology, each unit has the power and security to protect your home.

Garage door keypads are set up to use 1 frequency, almost every door keypad uses a different one. When buying a keypad, you must check the frequency of the garage door opener and make sure that it is compatible with the keypad. In case you have more than 1 or 2 garage doors, you can still buy 1 keypad for all.

There are many other things you need to consider when choosing such a unit, and we really hope that our reviews have been useful. If that’s true, make sure you check our other articles, which include reviews of products you may also find useful!

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