Which are the Best Foam Rollers for Your Muscles?

Do you hate feeling all sore after a tough workout or run? With a good quality foam roller, like the Amazon Basics High-Density roller, you can help alleviate the soreness, improve the blood circulation and help the rejuvenation of your muscles without the need of a professional physical therapist or masseur. You can also use it to get ready for a workout or to help relax after a day at work.

We have chosen the top 10 best foam rollers being offered on the market for you, so read on to find out which one will be the perfect home massaging and workout tool for you.

Best overall

AmazonBasics High-Density Round Foam Roller

This reasonably priced foam roller is our top favorite for the year because it is suitable for just about anyone. The roller is available in various sizes starting from 12 inches and increasing to 18, 24, and 36 inches. It is also available in more than 7 different color options.

The foam roller by AmazonBasics is filled with high-density polyethylene foam, and propylene has molded edges for added durability and for firmness. In fact, this roller will keep its shape even after extraneous use, and no matter what your body type is and how heavy you are.

It is an excellent home exercise tool for training your balance, flexibility, for strengthening the muscles, as well as for rehabilitation following an injury or illness.

The roller is pretty light, so you can easily take it to the gym, to the park, or when going on a trip, so that you can stay in shape at all times.

The 18-inch version has dimensions of 18 x 6 x 6 inches, and the others are sized 12 x 6 x 6 inches, 24 x 6 x 6 inches and 36 x 6 x 6 inches, so you can get the perfect length and size for your height and your needs.

This affordable and portable home exercise tool is pretty versatile when it comes to the types of exercises you can perform.

You can quickly reposition it when you want to train your balance and then work on your core strength. It is also perfect for strengthening and stabilizing the back, as well as for improving your flexibility and increasing your strength.

In fact, this is one of the most compact, multi-functional, and affordable home workout tools you can currently buy.

It is also indispensable for people who are recovering from injuries, as well as reducing the pain or discomfort and relieving the sore muscles after intensive exercising, running, and other strenuous activities.

The 18-inch version weighs just 6.7 lbs. and it is very easy to carry and clean. This is definitely a foam roller which is made to last and which will serve you for long, no matter the type of exercise you prefer and no matter how much pressure you put on it.

The runner-up

Phenom 3 Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

The Phenom 3 speed vibrating foam roller by Monument is the close runner-up in our list. This is the perfect tool for relieving muscle soreness and stress, especially after an intensive run or workout. Thanks to the pre-programmed vibrating frequencies, you will receive relieving impulses at just the right spots. When you combine the alleviating pulsing along with rolling, you will enhance the flushing out of the metabolites, and thus rejuvenate the sore and tired muscles and help decrease the tension in them.

You can use this ergonomic tool to massage your sore back muscles while at the same time get the spinal support you need to stay comfortable and safe, thanks to the special spinal grove in the middle of the roller. This same grove is also particularly useful to massage your Achilles tendon which, as you probably know is one of the body parts most prone to sports and exercise-related injuries.

With this specially designed vibrating foam roller, you will enhance the rejuvenation of your muscles, help reduce the soreness and reduce the risk of injuries due to putting too much stress on your body from intensive workouts, runs or other physical activities. This is achieved by the combined vibrations and rolling, which cause an influx of blood in the treated area, which promotes proper nutrition and oxidation and replenishment of the muscle tissue.

Thanks to its ingenious design, this foam roller is a preferred vibration therapy rehabilitation tool by professional athletes, therapists, and trainers. It has been found to help reduce injuries, improve the flexibility, mobility, pliability, and range of movements of all muscles to up to 40%. It is also an indispensable tool for treating knots, trigger points, scar tissue, and for decreasing pain and stiffness.

It is excellent for your calves, glutes, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, your back, and the IT band.

The Phenom roller is powered by a durable, rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which will provide you with 3 hours of soothing vibrations per charge. Thanks to the nifty handle, you can carry the roller to your gym or wherever you want to use it without any hassle.

The dimensions of the vibration therapy foam roller are 13 x 6 x 6 inches, and it weighs 3 lbs.

The Monument vibrating roller is sold with a 1-year warranty and a 100% money-back guarantee by the manufacturer.

It comes with an AC battery charger and a useful user manual with quick instructions to get you started.

The three vibration frequencies are specially programmed to target different muscle groups for improved circulation, relaxation, pain relief, warming up, and at the same time, keep the spine comfortable.

Best budget choice

LuxFit Foam Roller

Our best-budget choice will cost you less than $20, and yet will help you relax and strengthen your muscle prior to or after a workout, a Yoga class, or as a separate massage therapy tool. The LuxFit foam roller is incredibly useful for helping prevent muscle injury caused by too much stress and training. It is also an excellent tool for improved balance, spinal stabilization, muscle training, better coordination, and awareness of the body.

It is made of 2 lbs. per cubic ft. of molded polypropylene foam, which makes it dense enough to sustain its shape even after years of use, and no matter what, your body weight is. The fact that it is quite firm and doesn’t give too much when being pressed makes it perfect for self-myofascial release.

Its surface is smooth, and it repels water and sweat to keep you comfortable and safe from chaffing or other discomfort or damage to the skin during use.

The roller comes in several different color options and in different sizes, including 12, 18, 24, and 36 inches. All of the sizes have a thickness of 6 inches and are easy to carry, store and transport.

The LuxFit foam roller is made in the USA and is sold with an amazing 10-year warranty and at a very affordable price.

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And the rest of our top favorite picks

TriggerPoint GRID 2.0 (26-inch) Foam Roller with Free Online Instructional Videos

If you have a stiff back or suffer from lower back, hip, or other pain, we highly recommend you try out the top quality TriggerPoint Grid foam roller 2.0.


  • A unique patented design with a tough, hollow core surrounded with multi-density EVA foam
  • Thanks to its durable make and the materials use, this roller won’t lose its shape or break down even during intensive use
  • A preferred foam roller by physical therapists, trainers and professional athletes
  • It is perfect for muscle and joint pain relief, recovery after intensive physical workouts, improved blood circulation to the treated parts and for improving flexibility, the range of motion, the balance, and gait
  • Excellent shape for treating kinks, knots and tight muscles
  • 26 inches in length and 5.5 inches in diameter, this roller weighs half a pound
  • Can support up to 500 lbs. of weight
  • It comes with access to a bundle of online instructional videos
  • The GRID is also available in Original, Mini and Core sizes and options

OPTP Pro-Roller Soft Density Foam Roller

If our top picks seem too tough for you and you need a softer and more comfortable foam roller, you should definitely check out the OPTP pro roller.


  • 36 inch, 6-inch diameter round professional quality foam roller
  • Provides a softer and more comfortable compression than other rollers with less pressure and intensity
  • Made of closed-cell, cross-linked, durable EVA foam
  • Helps roll out and relieve knots, trigger points and parts of the body where the muscles are tense and denser
  • Great for rolling out quads, IT bands, calves, hamstrings, the back
  • Helps manage and reduce the pain in sore muscles and to improve their functioning
  • Excellent for relieving and replenishing sore muscles after high-intensity workouts, running, hiking and other
  • A perfect tool for physical therapy after an injury
  • Will help strengthen the core with some Pilates and Yoga exercises
  • very easy to clean
  • Available in pink and blue colors, as well as in an 18-inch version and in a 36 x 3 inch half round version for balance and stability exercises

NextRoller 3-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

Are you looking for a professional range foam roller that will help you relieve muscle pain and achieve your fitness goals? The 3-speed NextRoller foam roller is the perfect option for you.


  • A 3-speed vibration technology which has low, medium and high intensity for just the perfect amount of pressure you need to alleviate muscle and joint pain
  • A dynamic texture for improvement of blood circulation and better self-massaging
  • Used by professional athletes, trainers and physical therapists from NBA, MLB, and NFL
  • Efficient for treating pain in the upper and lower back, the knees, quads, IT band, hamstrings and other parts of the body
  • Helps recover muscles, improve mobility and enhance the flexibility you need for weightlifting, running, Yoga, CrossFit, cardio and other physical exercises and activities
  • Excellent for self-massage and myofascial release
  • Can help prevent injuries from too much exercise and overuse of muscles and joints
  • It is 13 inches in length and 6 inches in diameter and weighs 3 lbs.
  • The rechargeable lithium-ion battery has a vibrating runtime of two full hours
  • An ergonomic handle makes it portable and easy to transport
  • The tools can be used like a foam roller, a massage, and a TENS unit
  • Sold with a 100% money-back warranty

RumbleRoller – Textured Muscle Foam Roller

Do you want a foam roller that will replace expensive and time-consuming massage therapy? The RumbleRoller Textured roller could be the best option on the market right now.


  • It is available in various lengths and firmness levels (12-inch extra firm half size, 12-inch original half size, 22 -extra firm mid-size, 22-inch original mid-size, 31-inch extra firm full size, 31-inch original full size)
  • The 31-inch full size is suitable for rolling your back in one pass, as well as for the calves, hamstrings, and quads
  • The 22 inch mid-size is perfect for mid-sized muscle groups such as the glutes, arms, lower back and shoulders
  • The 12-inch compact size is perfect for portability and massaging and exercising on the go
  • The original foam roller is suitable for newbies, and the extra-firm RumbleRoller is for athletes and people used to foam rollers
  • A much cheaper option than using the services of a massage therapist to get a good stretch and improve your gait
  • Helps build strength, flexibility, and mobility of the muscles and joints and speeds up recovery after workouts or other intensive physical activities
  • Features a sturdy, bumpy textured pattern which mimics the thumbs of a human massage therapist
  • Provides a deep muscle massage, and helps improve the circulation of oxygen and blood to the fascia and connective tissue
  • Helps relieve pain and enhances muscle recovery
  • Waterproof, antimicrobial, latex-free, free of phthalates, lead or chemicals and absorbent free
  • Helps relax you physically and mentally from stress
  • Sold with a 3-year warranty

Rollga Sunrise Functional Training Roller

Are you interested in purchasing a more versatile foam roller? How about trying out the Rollga Sunrise roller? It has 3-in-1 functionality.


  • It can be used like a foam roller, a functional roller, and a fascial roller
  • This is the first foam roller which can be used as a functional training roller and help improve the range of movement and focuses on the movement and motion of the joints and muscles
  • Designed to apply pressure cross-diagonally and shearing from all directions
  • Restores the lubrication of the fascia
  • The special design of the contours will help protect the spine, shins, hips, and Achilles during use
  • Helps improve the oxidation and the blood flow to the muscles for faster healing and rejuvenation, especially after a workout or other intensive activity
  • It is suitable for athletes and beginners and for young and old people too
  • It comes in different intensities and firmness levels including firm (black, pink and orange), standard (silver and black) and soft (white and black and white)

LifePro 4-Speed Vibrating Foam Roller

Are you searching for the most powerful vibrating foam roller there is on the market? The LifePro 4-speed foam roller could be the answer to your quest.


  • It has a 4-speed vibrating function with a powerful 10,400 mAh battery and 4 intensity levels
  • Helps aid recovery and enhance flexibility before training in order to improve your performance to peak levels, and decrease the risk of injuries
  • You can use it without the vibrations as a regular foam roller too
  • Used by pros and by ordinary people alike
  • You will get access to a very useful and easy to understand user manual as well as a number of video workouts to get you started and to show you the different types of exercises you can perform with the tool
  • The vibrant massage is very effective in relieving muscle pain in the back, knees, hamstrings, IT band, and others
  • Superb for injury rehabilitation and physical therapy
  • Helps keep the muscles flexible and loose
  • The massage function enhances the circulation and proper blood circulation for proper oxidation and nutrition to all muscles
  • Only 13 inches long, the foam roller is compact and easy to use
  • It is sold with a special carrying bag with drawstrings for easier portability
  • The batteries have a runtime of 2 hours, and a quick charge function
  • Sold with a lifetime 100% warranty

321 STRONG Foam Roller

Do your muscles feel all tight and sore after a workout? With the 321 Strong foam roller, you can help alleviate the pain, enhance the recovery of your muscles, and actually make them stronger and more flexible.


  • The roller is available in more than 10 vibrant colors
  • The size is 12.75 in length and 5.25 in diameter, and it is very lightweight so you can take it to the gym with you
  • Made of rugged EVA foam covering a solid core
  • Features triple grid massage zones which mimic the fingers, the palms and the thumbs of a real masseur
  • It is a medium-density foam roller which is great both for beginners as well as for people with experience with rollers
  • Excellent for relieving the pain from plantar fasciitis, sciatica or lower back injury as it is soft and safe enough to use
  • Improves the blood flow to the treated area
  • It is perfect for athletes, runners, people who practice Pilates or Yoga, and for sports and physical therapy patients – for use before and after workouts
  • It can help prevent pulled muscles or other injuries caused by intense exercising or activities
  • Included is a 4K e-book with instructions on how to use the unit for different muscle groups
  • Can support a bodyweight of up to 500 lbs.
  • Helps alleviate stress after a long day at work too
  • Easy to clean material

Why use a foam roller

You may still be wondering how a tool that looks so simple can actually benefit you. The truth is that a good quality foam roller can help immensely when it comes to improving the range of motion, decrease the soreness after a workout or other intensive activity or exercise and also decrease the neuromuscular exhaustion.

This simple and yet efficient wellness tool is excellent not only for after workouts but prior to them as well. It can help improve your flexibility, mobility, and reduce the risk of injuries which often occur during intense workouts.

Since foam rollers are designed and made for self-massaging, you can use your to treat all the soft muscles like muscles and fascia on all parts of your body, including the back, quads, calves, hamstrings, and others.

All you need to remember is to avoid using it too intensively on those parts of the body where the blood vessels and nerves are too close to the surface of the skin, such as the abdomen, neck, or groin areas.

Small-sized foam rollers can be used for targeting specific parts of your body, and they are also very portable.

Larger foam rollers of 36 inches are recommended for use on large body areas such as the upper back, but they can be used on smaller areas as well, which makes them more versatile, while not being as portable as the 12-24 inch ones.

Keep in mind that the firmer your foam roller is, the deeper pressure it will provide, so if you’re a newbie to foam rolling, it is recommended that you star up with a softer option in order to get your body used to this massaging technique.

Different exercises with a foam roller

The calves

Sit on the floor with your legs straight in front of you and place the foam roller underneath your calves. Support your weight with your hands on the back of you and start rolling the back of the legs up and down on top of the roller. This is perfect for improving the stiffness of the ankles after spending a whole day sitting or standing or after an intensive work out of the legs.

The hamstrings

Like in the previous exercise, sit with your feet straight in front of you and cross one ankle over the other. Start rolling your legs from the knee to the hips on top of the roller. Switch legs and repeat. This is excellent for those of you to sit on a desk all day long.

The quads

Lie on the floor with your face down. Cross your ankles and roll your leg from the knee to the hip up and down while balancing on your arms. Switch legs and repeat. This will decrease the soreness after a workout and increase the mobility prior to training.

The back

Sit on the floor and place the foam roller underneath your lower back. Use your hands on the back for balance and roll on top of the roller up to the shoulder blades and back by bending your knees and tightening your core. This is very effective for relieving soreness and stiffness in the back.

The thighs

Lie on your side and place the roller underneath your hip. Roll up and down to the ankle and back and at the same time, use your core and glutes as well as arms for balance. Switch sides and repeat. This will help tighten the outer thighs.

The butt

Sit on the foam roller, cross your legs over the knees and start rolling each butt cheek on top of the roller. Switch sides. This is perfect after sitting all day or when getting ready for a workout.

Final words

As you can see, the foam roller is an inexpensive, compact and easy to use home massaging and exercise tool which can help you relax after a long day at work, help alleviate the soreness and fatigue in the muscles after strenuous exercising, as well as help you get ready for your workout and limit the risk of injuries.

With any of the foam rollers on our list, you can help save money for a personal physical therapist or massage expert and apply exactly as much pressure as you need on just about everybody part at any time you want.

We wish you good luck with your purchase and enjoy the wonderful feeling of relaxation, reduction of pain, and an improvement in your athletic performance with one of these wonderful foam rollers!

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