Best Dog Treats in 2020

Of course, every dog parent thinks they have the best dog, and every best dog deserves the best dog treats, right?

Well, we can all agree on this, but the fact is, there are so many different types of treats out there, that the choice can be overwhelming.

In order to help you make the best choice for the most suitable dog treats for your dog, we have compiled a list of the top 20 best dog treats for 2020 for you.

Read on to find out more about the excellent dog treats which have made it on our list and why you may want to choose them.

American Journey Peanut Butter Recipe Grain-Free Oven Baked Crunchy Biscuit Dog Treats

These top-quality oven-baked crunchy treats by American Journey are the favorite dog treats for thousands of pups. They are a perfect size – one bite, but boy is it a tasty one.

Each bite-sized crispy biscuit is filled with real delicious peanut butter combined with healthy wholesome chickpeas and peas.

These delicious biscuits are poultry free, grain-free, don’t contain corn, wheat, soy or any artificial preservatives, colors or flavors, so you can rest assured that you are rewarding your four-legged friend with a healthy and wholesome treat every time.

They are perfectly sized to fit your pocket and are excellent dog treats for either when you are enjoying time outdoors, or relaxing at home.

They are offered in 8 and 16-oz bags.

The other flavors available from the American Journey Grain-Free Oven Baked Crunchy Biscuit treats include Lamb, Salmon, Chicken, and Turkey.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 16%

Min crude fat: 9%

Calories: 13 kcal/biscuit

Type of treat: crunchy biscuit

First 5 ingredients: chickpeas, peas, peanut butter, cane molasses, chicken fat

Milk-Bone Soft & Chewy Beef & Filet Mignon Recipe Dog Treats

If your pup could speak, it would definitely request exactly these tender and savory treats by Milk-Bone.

These soft and chewy Beef and Filet Mignon dog treats with natural smoke flavor are like small gourmet meals which will let your dog know just how much you love it every time.

They are soft enough to feed to senior pups and dogs with gum or dental problems too.

Shaped in bone form, which you can easily break up in two or smaller parts, they will be a true reward for any dog – big or small.

These delicious dog treats are fortified with minerals and 12 vitamins, so they will add to the healthy nutrients you feed your pup on a daily basis too.

These palatable dog treats are sold in 25-oz tubs or in 5.6-oz boxes.

Nutritional facts

Min. crude protein: 18%

Min crude fat: 8%

Type of treat: soft and chewy treats

First 5 ingredients: beef, chicken, soy grits, sugar, corn starch

SmartBones SmartSticks Peanut Butter Chews Dog Treats


If you are one of the dog parents who are worried about giving your dog real rawhide chewy treats, these SmartBones SmartSticks peanut Butter Chew dog treats are the perfect alternative. They are safe, and made of completely healthy ingredients including real chicken and veggies, and still provide the pup with the chewing exercise and satisfaction it needs. At the same time, the sticks will help clean the dog’s teeth and improve its gum health as well.

Along with that, they are incredibly palatable so even the fussiest of dogs will enjoy chewing on them.

Unlike rawhide treats, these SmartSticks are 99.2% digestible and do not pose a danger of intestinal blockage. Plus, they are fortified with various minerals and vitamins which are essential for the wellbeing of your dog.

These enjoyable dental chew dog treats are sold in packs of 5 and 10 sticks.

You can choose from the other flavors available from these SmartSticks chews including Beef, Holistic chicken grain-free, Chicken, as well as from many of the other SmartBones dog treats.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 9%

Min crude fat: 0.2%

Calories: 55 kcal/chew

Type of treat: dental chews

First 5 ingredients: Corn, Chicken, Sorbitol, Glycerin, Fructose

Good ‘n’ Fun Triple Flavor Kabobs Chicken, Duck & chicken liver Dog Chews

Taste tests have shown that these Triple Flavor Kabobs by Good’n’Fun are the top preferred treats by pups when offered a total of 18 different chews.

This comes to no surprise given the fact that these natural chews are made of ingredients that every dog naturally craves – real chicken breast, chicken liver, and delicious duck.

These gourmet dog treats will quickly become your pup’s favorite, as they are not only appealing but also provide long-lasting entertainment for the dog.

They are high in protein and will help satisfy the pup’s natural urge to chew, and at the same time help keep the dog’s teeth and gums healthy and clean.

The Triple Flavor Kabobs are sold in 12-oz packs of 18 pieces.

Nutritional facts

Min. crude protein: 55%

Min crude fat: 0.05%

Type of treat: rawhide

First 5 ingredients: rawhide, pork hide, chicken, chicken liver, duck

USA Bones & Chews Bully & Beef Flavored Filled Bone Dog Treats

We all know that dogs crave bones. These top-quality Bully and Beef flavored filled bones are the perfect real bone treats. They are hand-trimmed and slow-roasted in their own juice to retain the moisture levels and taste which no dog can resist.

These 6 inch long bones will satisfy your pup’s natural craving for chewing and at the same time provide it with a succulent snack when it gets to delicious meat filling in the inside.

The treats are a superb option if your dog tends to get bored and chews on your belongings or on your furniture when you leave it alone.

With a bone like this, your pup will stay entertained and happy for a very long time.

They are sold in cases of 20, or in single pieces.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 22%

Min crude fat: 2.2%

Calories: 570 kcal/bone

Type of treat: bones

First 5 ingredients: beef bone, chicken meal, cane sugar, molasses

Greenies Regular Dental Dog Treats

If you don’t feel safe about giving your dog bones, rawhide or other natural chews, the answer is the Greenies Dental Dog Treats.

They are approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council as efficient and safe chews to ensure dental and gum health, plaque and tartar removal, as well as for enhancing a fresh breath in canines.

They are made to satisfy the cravings of pups for chewing and for eating delicious treats. At the same time, they provide a deep cleaning of the teeth and gums, unlike any other dog treat.

These excellent quality dental dog treats by Greenies are offered in all kinds of sizes, as well as in all tastes and diets including: original, grain-free, weight management, hip, and joint health, blueberry and fresh recipes.

The regular-sized dog treat is 4 ½ x 1 inches, and they are offered in counts from 3 up to 72 counts, so there is a pack available for any need.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 30%

Min crude fat: 5.5%

Calories: 91 kcal/regular sized treat

Type of treat: dental chews

First 5 ingredients: wheat flour, glycerin, wheat gluten, gelatin, water

Old Mother Hubbard Classic Original Assortment Biscuits Baked Dog Treats

If you want to surprise your pup with a different taste every time you reward it for being a good dog, then the Classic Original Assortment Biscuits are the perfect choice for you.

These oven-baked dog biscuits are crunchy and irresistible even for the most pretentious pups.

Each box contains an assortment of four different flavors of these healthy treats including original, cheddar, chicken and char tar.

The bone-shaped biscuits by Old Mother Hubbard are suitable for dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes and can be used both for training as well as for simply showing your love for your furbaby.

They are free of any artificial preservatives and made of high-quality ingredients in the USA.

The all-natural crunchy biscuits come in mini, small and large sizes and are sold in 5-oz, 20-oz, 3.8 lbs. and 20 lbs. boxes. They are also available in various other flavors including: P-Nuttier, Extra Tasty Assortment, Chick’N’Apples, Bac’N’Cheez, Puppy, Just Vegg’N, Liv’R’Crunch, and Char Tar.

Nutritional facts

Min. crude protein: 12%

Min crude fat: 7%

Calories: 33 kcal/piece

Type of treat: crunchy and biscuit

First 5 ingredients: whole wheat flour, oatmeal, wheat bran, chicken fat, chicken

Exclusively Dog Best Buddy Bones Peanut Butter Flavor Dog Treats

These bone-shaped dog treats by Exclusively Dog are the perfect training treats for dogs of all sizes. They are 1 inch long, but can easily be broken in smaller pieces too.

The texture of these 100% natural dog treats is not too soft and yet not too crunchy.

They have a delicious peanut butter taste which is simply irresistible even to the pickiest eaters.

The Buddy Bones are made of all-natural, kosher ingredients, and contain no by-products or animal parts.

They are offered in 5.5-oz bags and in 15 lbs. boxes.

These delicious Best Buddy Bones are also available in chicken, Beef and liver, and in Grain-free peanut butter and Grain-free mini cheesy bacon flavors too.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 7%

Min crude fat: 16%

Calories: 13 kcal/bone

Type of treat: soft and chewy

First 5 ingredients: wheat flour, vegetable fat, peanut butter, salt, natural peanut flavor

Milk-Bone Original Large Biscuit Dog Treats

These large biscuit treats by Milk-Bone are the best reward for any good dog from a large or giant breed. Not only are these bone-shaped biscuits scrumptious, but they are healthy, nutritious and will help clean the teeth of your pup, as well as freshen its breath.

Each of these lip-smacking bones contains only premium quality ingredients and is fortified with 12 vital minerals and vitamins.

The biscuits are an excellent treat for training and as a snack for any dog weighing 50 lbs. or more. You can feed your pup with 1 to 3 of these fabulous dog treats depending on its weight and age.

They are sold in boxes of 24-oz, 4lbs. and 10 lbs. (with more than 100 treats).

You can buy these superb treats in other sizes and flavors including – Medium, Small, Brushing chews, Puppy and Senior, so there is a Milk-Bone Original Biscuit treat for any dog of any age.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 15%

Min crude fat: 5%

Calories: 125 kcal/biscuit

Type of treat: biscuit and crunchy

First 5 ingredients: wheat flour, meat and bone meal, wheat bran, milk, beef fat

Diamond Naturals Large Breed Adult Biscuits with chicken meal Dog Treats


If you want to give your large or giant dog a perfect snack or reward without worrying about feeding it any unhealthy ingredients, then you should opt for the holistic and balanced Large Breed Adult Biscuits by Diamond Naturals.

The crunchy biscuits are made from premium quality ingredients including real cage-free chicken, pearled barley, rolled oats, and other superfoods, without any artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. They don’t contain wheat, soy or corn either.

Thanks to the crunchy texture of these biscuits, your dog will clean its teeth naturally as it enjoys its snack.

Plus, you will be supplying your four-legged companion with the essential proteins, minerals and amino acids it needs to stay healthy and happy.

The treats are available in 24-oz bags and in 19 lbs. boxes.

You can also purchase these treats formulated for Puppies with chicken meal, for Adult with peanut butter, for Adults with Lamb meal, for Adults with Beef meal, and for Adults with chicken meal.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 15.5%

Min crude fat: 5%

Calories: 71 kcal/biscuit

Type of treat: crunchy biscuit

First 5 ingredients: pearled barley, brown rice, chicken meal, rolled oats, salmon meal

Greenies Pill Pockets Canine Chicken Flavor Dog Treats


Many dog parents loathe medication time, but with these palatable pill, pocket treats, giving your pup its medication has never been easier and tastier.

Each of these tasty soft and chewy treats is designed to fit just about any type of tablet or capsule. You only need to pop the pill inside the pocket, pinch it to hide it, and you are set to go.

They are made of all-natural ingredients with real chicken as the first ingredient, so your dog will happily munch on the bite-sized treat along with the medication hidden inside it every time.

Instead of trying to feed your dog its medication with messy foods like cheese or peanut butter, these treats by Greenies will make the procedure easy and mess-free.

Depending on your pup’s taste, you can also get these dog treats for pills in the following recipes: chicken capsule size, Real peanut flavor, Hickory smoke flavor, Roasted duck and pea grain-free, and Cheese flavor tablet size.

The treats are available in either tablet or capsule sizes and are sold in bags or 30, 60 or 6 x 30 pieces.

Nutritional facts

Min. crude protein: 11%

Min crude fat: 10%

Calories: 23 kcal/treat

Type of treat: soft and chewy, pill pocket

First 5 ingredients: chicken, glycerin, wheat flour, vegetable oil, wheat gluten

Stewart Pro-Treat Beef Liver Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Treats

Even the most mischievous pup will start obeying your commands and behaving well if you reward it with these lip-smacking freeze-dried real beef liver raw dog treats by Stewart Pro-Treat.

These healthy and high protein treats are made of 100% raw freeze-dried beef liver which will most definitely satisfy the craving of any dog for raw meat.

Thanks to the fact that they are made of only one ingredient, these palatable treats are perfect for dogs with allergies and sensitivities to foods.

You can use the bite-sized morsels as training rewards, or simply crumble them on top of the dog’s food to entice fussy eaters.

The other available recipes of this amazing treat include: chicken liver, Duck liver, chicken breast, Lamb liver, Turkey liver, and Pork liver.

The freeze-dried treats by Stewart Pro-Treat are offered in tubs of 2, 4, 12, 14 and 21 ounces.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 50%

Min crude fat: 5%

Calories: 6 kcal/g

Type of treat: freeze-dried, training

Ingredients: 100% pure beef liver

Wellness Soft Puppy Bites Grain-Free Lamb & Salmon Recipe Dog Treats


Are you house training your puppy? Do you want to stimulate it to become a good and well-behaved dog? With these delicious Soft Puppy Bites by Wellness as training treats, you will soon see the progress.

Suitable for puppies of all breeds aged up to 1 year, these soft and appealing treats are made of lamb and salmon, and are grain-free, dairy-free, and contain no corn, soy, or wheat.

They also include wholesome veggies and fruits which will provide your young puppy with the essential nutrients it needs, including natural Omega 3 and DHA, to grow up strong, healthy, beautiful and smart.

These treats are available also with chicken and carrots, Beef and turkey, Turkey and duck, Yogurt, apples and bananas, chicken and lamb, Lamb and apples, Peanuts and honey and Halloween pumpkin flavors for puppies or for adult dogs.

The treats are sold in 3-oz bags.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 15%

Min crude fat: 12%

Calories: 4 kcal/treat

Type of treat: soft and chewy

First 5 ingredients: lamb, salmon, chickpeas, ground potatoes, vegetable glycerin

Whole Life Just One Ingredient Pure Chicken Breast Freeze-Dried Dog & Cat Treats

If you want to treat your furbaby with real, high-quality meat, but you are afraid to feed it raw protein, then the Whole Life Just One Ingredient Pure chicken Breast Freeze-dried treats are the safest and healthiest alternative available.

You can use these delicious freeze-dried chicken breast pieces for training, as a topper for your pup’s food, as well as food when soaked in water.

Freeze drying kills any bacteria and parasites in the meat but leaves all the natural tastes, nutrients and beneficial enzymes.

These premium quality treats are made of human-grade, USA sourced chicken breasts, and you can safely feed them to all of your pets – dogs and cats.

Plus, they are made of one single ingredient, so you don’t need to worry about triggering any of your dog’s allergies or sensitivities when you feed it with them.

Your pup will definitely love you even more for this choice!

The Whole Life Just One freeze-dried treats are offered in bags of 10 and 21 ounces and are also available in Salmon fillet, Cod fillet, Turkey breast, Beef liver, and Beef recipes.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 80%

Min crude fat: 16%

Calories: 6.2 kcal/g

Type of treat: freeze-dried, raw

Ingredients: Only white breast meat chicken, sourced in the USA, human-grade USDA approved

Redbarn Large Peanut Butter Filled Bones Dog Treats

If your large dog suffers from separation anxiety, or it tends to get bored and becomes destructive, the best way to deal with the problem is by keeping it busy and happy. With the Redbarn Large Peanut Butter Filled Bones Treats this task will become easier than ever.

These delicious treats are made of real white cut femur bones with an absolutely delicious peanutty filling.

Each of the bones is 6 inches long and will keep your large or giant breed pup occupied and happy for a long time. Even after it has eaten all of the filling, it will still be left with the perfect bone to gnaw on.

You can even refill the bone with a snack of your choice to add to the enjoyment of this treat.

It will satisfy its natural instinct to chew, and at the same time provide it with a nutrient-rich and delicious snack.

These bones will also help promote dental health.

You can buy them in pieces of 1 or in cases of 15 bones, and you can choose from the other sizes and flavors available by Redbarn as well including beef, peanut butter and jelly, chicken, ham and cheese and others.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 18%

Min crude fat: 1%

Calories: 278 kcal/bone

Type of treat: bone with filling

First 5 ingredients: beef bone and filling: corn syrup, water, chicken meal, sugar

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Peanut Butter & Oats Recipe Dog Treats

You can turn your dog training sessions in a fun and fulfilling experience for both you and your pup if you use the appropriate rewards for your pup’s good behavior.

Zuke’s Mini Naturals Peanut Butter and Oats soft and chewy treats are perfect for training rewards, as well as for occasional snacks for dogs of all sizes.

They are both healthy and delicious and made of wholesome ingredients with real peanut butter as the first ingredient.

They do not contain any soy, corn or wheat or any artificial fillers.

Plus, they are low in calories, with only 3 kcal per treat, so you don’t have to worry about overfeeding your pup or making it overweight or obese.

You can buy these wonderful dog treats in packs of 6-oz and in 1 lb. bags. They are also available in other flavors and recipes including chicken, Salmon, Rabbit, Duck, Pork, as well as in different options especially formulated for puppies.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 9%

Min crude fat: 8%

Calories: 2.2 kcal/treat

Type of treat: soft and chewy

First 5 ingredients: peanut butter, ground barley, ground rice, ground oats, malted barley

The Real Meat Company 95% Venison Jerky Bitz Dog Treats

Made of farm-raised, grass-fed real venison along with all-natural ingredients, these lip-smacking jerky treats by The Real Meat Company are formulated to satisfy the natural cravings and the taste of even the most finicky four-legged eaters.

All ingredients are treated at low temperatures and with ultimate care, so as to preserve the natural flavors and nutrients of the venison and other ingredients.

These soft and fine jerky treats are an excellent natural source of omega 3, taurine and vitamin B12. Plus, they will most definitely appeal to even the fussiest pups.

You can easily carry them around as training or on the go treats, or feed them to your puppy or adult dog at home as a reward for being such a good friend.

They don’t contain any artificial preservatives and coloring and have no added fillers, hormones or other potentially harmful ingredients.

You can buy them in bags of 4 or 12 ounces. These top-quality dog treats are also available with Beef, Lamb and liver, chicken and venison, Fish and venison, Lamb, and Lamb and venison as their number one real 95% ingredients.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 25%

Min crude fat: 20%

Type of treat: jerky treats

First 5 ingredients: venison, dried chicory root, natural vegetable glycerin, sea salt, mixed tocopherols

Blue Buffalo Blue Bits Tasty Chicken Recipe Soft-Moist Training Dog Treats

These affordable and healthy soft-moist dog treats are formulated and sized perfectly so that you can reward your well-behaved pup multiple times, without worrying about feeding it too many calories or giving it unhealthy foods in between its meals.

The Blue Buffalo Blue Bits have real chicken as their first ingredient. It is a superb lean protein which will provide your dog with the amino acids it needs to build strong muscles and to stay healthy.

Each of the bite-sized morsels is also fortified with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a shiny coat and healthy skin, as well as with DHA for better cognitive function and brain health.

The added flaxseed, oatmeal and brown rice in the recipe will help support the digestive system of your dog as well.

These healthy treats have no corn, soy, wheat, by-product meals, or artificial preservatives, colors and flavors.

You can get them in 4, 9, and 16-ounce bags, and also in a variety of other flavors and recipes including: Tender beef, Savory Salmon, and Tempting turkey.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 10%

Min crude fat: 7%

Calories: 4 kcal/bit

Type of treat: soft and moist, training

First 5 ingredients: chicken, oatmeal, brown rice, cane sugar, potatoes

Hill’s Prescription Diet Hypo-Treats Dog Treats

Just because your pup has severe food allergies and sensitivities, doesn’t mean that it doesn’t deserve a delicious reward and snack from time to time.

The best way to ensure that your allergic or sensitive dog can enjoy a dog treat safely without any negative effects on its skin or wellbeing is by relying on Hill’s Prescription Diet Hypo-Treats.

They are made of hydrolyzed chicken liver which is processed in a way that it is unlikely to trigger immune reactions and negative allergic symptoms.

These tasty and crunchy dog biscuits also include omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which will help nourish the skin and protect it from allergic reactions.

These biscuit treats are suitable for all adult dogs on a z/d, i/d, d/d, or Derm Defense diets.

They will also help the natural removal of the plaque and other build-up from the dog’s teeth and can be used as rewards and snacks for your allergic furbaby.

You will require authorization by your vet to purchase these delicious and safe Hypo-Treats.

They are sold in 12-ounce bags. You can also find other Hill’s Prescription dog treats suitable for your pup such as Original dog treats, Metabolic Canine treats, or Soft-baked dog treats.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 13%

Min crude fat: 8%

Calories: 17 kcal/treat

Type of treat: veterinary treat

First 5 ingredients: corn starch, hydrolyzed chicken liver, powdered cellulose, soybean oil, dicalcium phosphate

Ziwi Good Dog Rewards Air-Dried Venison Treats

If you want to reward your four-legged companion with the best, all-natural dog treats only, you should definitely try out these premium quality, pure Air-dried Venison Dog Treats by Ziwi.

The jerky treats are made of 98% clean, antibiotic and hormone-free venison meat and organs from farm-raised and grass-fed venison from New Zealand.

The ingredients are air-dried gently in two stages so that any pathogenic bacteria or other harmful microorganisms are destroyed, but all of the nutrients and flavors are perfectly preserved.

This is one of the safest alternatives to feeding your pup a raw diet, and the high protein content and favorable taste will satisfy the cravings of all dogs – large and small.

These bite-sized chewy treats are only 4.7 calories per bit and are perfect as training rewards, or as delicious snacks for any pup.

They contain no grains, GMO, or any artificial ingredients and fillers.

The Good Dog Rewards by Ziwi are sold in 3-oz packages and are also available in Beef and Lamb recipes.

Nutritional facts:

Min. crude protein: 45%

Min crude fat: 23%

Calories: 4.7 kcal/treat

Type of treat: air-dried, chewy jerky

First 5 ingredients: venison, venison tripe, venison heart, venison lung, venison liver

How to choose the best dog treats for your pup

Since dog treats are available in so many different types, flavors, sizes, and forms, it may be very difficult for dog parents to choose the best ones for their special furbaby.

Every dog is different, so make sure you buy the treats which are the most suitable ones for your dog’s breed, size, overall health, and age.

Also, choose treats which will serve the purpose you are buying them for – for training, snacking, as food toppers, for pill administering, and others.

Here are some tips on finding the dog treats which are just right for your dog:

Choose the treat according to its taste

Of course, you want to make sure that you are feeding your dog with healthy and safe treats, but then again, you will need to ensure that your pup will actually enjoy and eat them too.

Pay attention to your furbaby’s taste. Does it prefer softer or crunchier treats? Does it like to chew on them? Does it like fish or maybe it prefers beef or a non-protein ingredient such as peanut butter?

You can experiment with small batches of different treats in order to determine the ones which satisfy the tastes and cravings of your dog the best.

After all, dog treats are meant to be rewards and lip-smacking snacks for the pup, and not something they won’t appreciate.

Pick the proper size and shape of the treats

Obviously, if you have a Chihuahua you won’t opt for a 7-inch bone as a treat, just as you would probably want to avoid buying tiny sized little morsels for your Saint Bernard pup.

Choose dog treats which are properly sized for your dog, and which it can enjoy comfortably and safely.

Pick the most suitable type of treat

You may want to choose dog treats in accordance with your pup’s age, taste, and the condition of its teeth and gums.

Soft and moist dog treats are more suitable for elderly pups and for those with dental issues, which chewy treats and crispy ones are better for younger dogs with healthy teeth and gums.

Choose the treat in accordance with its purpose

There are different suitable dog treats for different purposes. Large chewy bones are perfect as full meals, or as a distraction for dogs with separation anxiety, stress, bored dogs, or other issues causing them to become destructive and to chew on everything.

There are special low caloric bite-sized training dog treats which you can easily and safely feed your dog multiple times during the training session and throughout the day without risking to make it overweight or obese.

Some treats are designed to fit and hide tablets and capsules so you can feed your pup medication easily and mess-free when necessary.

Soft chewy treats are especially palatable and suitable for dogs which are picky eaters, as well as for delicious rewards for good dogs.

Then there are the dental chews which can help keep the dog’s teeth clean, their gums healthy and their breath fresh.

Of course, there are multiple other dog treats available on the market, and included in our list as well including the air dried, freeze-dried and others, which you can buy if you want to feed your dog with proteins and ingredients which are as closer to the natural ones as possible.

Watch out for allergic symptoms

You may not be aware of the fact that many dogs are allergic to some of the most common proteins. Others can be allergic to dairy, wheat, peas, and numerous other ingredients.

Always be on a watch out for worrying symptoms like digestive problems, including diarrhea, vomiting, or skin irritation, itching, and others.

If you suspect that your pup may be suffering from a food allergy or sensitivity, the best way to narrow down the suspected allergens is to give it limited or one ingredient dog treats, and monitor it for negative reactions.

We have chosen dog tips made of various ingredients and flavors, which in most cases are available in multiple other flavors and recipes, so we are pretty sure that there will be a safe choice for your allergic or sensitive dog among all of them.

Watch out for the calories and ingredients

The caloric value of the dog treats you feed your dog should not exceed 10% of the total caloric intake of the pup. This is essential if you want to prevent your dog from becoming overweight or obese. Letting a dog becoming obese can seriously harm its health, wellbeing, mobility and shorten its lifespan.

So, make sure you pick the right types of treats for your furbaby and feed it with the appropriate amount to keep it in good shape and health.

Choose safe dog treats

To make sure you know exactly what you are feeding your dog with, always look at the ingredient list of the treats or food before buying it.

Overall, the shorter the list of ingredients is – the better. Also, the more recognizable ingredients you see in the list – the better.

Stay away from treats which contain anonymous meat meal products.

Also, took for trustworthy labeling like certified organic, human-grade or other. Keep away from treats boasting themselves as “super-premium” or “gourmet”, because these labels do not actually mean anything.

Plus, stick to the reputable dog food manufacturers, if you want to make sure that the dog treats are safely made, and regulated in accordance with the safety and quality standards.


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