The Best Dash Cam for Truckers: 2021 Reviews

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Truckers dash cam or dash camera for trucks provides the fleet supervisor and truck operators or drivers with much control for the vehicle’s well-being and safety. The dash camera variant for truck drivers serves you with a pre-designed and pre-installed wide-angle lens. This product gives you complete and transparent visibility, a built-in GPS that tracks your location and activities, and a g sensor installed them that senses the acceleration in every direction.

Dual dash cam catches both inward and outward surface video. The dash cam for trucks provides you with increased visibility, reduces the accident rates, and lessens the colliding expenses.

Top 10 best dash cam for truckers

Are you searching for a dashcam? Your search is over. Listed below are some top dash cameras for trucks that offer fleet managers and truck operators their fleet safety measures.

Rove dash cam

Rove R2-4k comes with a built-in GPS and WiFi. It has a 150° wide-angle lens with a meticulous design that provides you with a transparent and clear 4k clip not just in daylight but also during the night. Investing in this product will change your life.


  • These are the best dash cams for truckers that give you full HD recording up to 2160p resolution.
  • Its pre-built WiFi feature manages to transfer your recording immediately on your android device.
  • This dash cam’s features include pre-installed GPS that instantly tracks your location and the vehicle’s speed.
  • The car dashboard has a 150° angle lens, time-lapse, cycle recording, g sensor, and slow-mo video option.
  • These dash cameras for truckers support 512GB, and the memory card is excluded.
  • These dash cameras for truck drivers have a 1-year warranty and have 100% Chicago-based customer care.

Vava dash cam 

VAVA trucker dash cam has WiFi, GPS, and Sony Night Vision Sensor in it supports 32 GB to 128 GB maximum. Vava dash cam also has a screenshot button and comes with a micro USB cable.


  • This dash cam for truckers has a higher quality camera that can capture the scene up to 5 car lens. It has 155° wide-angle glass.
  • It has a pre-built sony sensor that records a clear clip even during the night.
  • These dash cams’ pre-built GPS accurately tracks down the location of your truck and the speed with which it is moving.
  • Pre-built G-sensor that automatically records the collision.
  • Quite easy to install and captures every event on the road. Its magnetic installation takes just a second.

Rexing dash cam

Rexing manufactures a semi-truck dash cams that gives you a full HD recording up to 1080 p. It has a real camera and g-sensor and loop recording feature in it. It is a dual dash cam and provides you with a 170° wide angle. Investing in it would be worthwhile.


  • This camera for truckers comprises a dual recording feature.
  • Its 170° wide lens provides you with clear night vision.
  • It has 24 hours parking monitor. The dash cam can easily withstand severe temperatures.
  • This product is the best semi-truck dash camera that has WiFi connectivity in it.
  • It has a loop recording feature that records the video with an interval of 2 to 3 minutes.

Nexar dash cam

The Nexar dash cam truck gives a full recording of the video up to 1080 p resolution. It supports up to 32GB and includes an SD card. You can trust this can as it covers the whole scenario in just one capture.


  • The Nexar dash cam for truck drivers is a flawless and fantastic camera for daily drivers.
  • You can get clear night vision and videos transferred on your phone by pairing it with the Nexar app.
  • The Nexar cams quickly detect the difficult situation on-road and further saves the clip.
  • At a single tap on the button, full detail collision report gets saved.
  • The Nexar dash cam is pretty easy to set. The installation takes 5 minutes.

Nexar Dual dash cam

Nexar pro comes with a dual dash cam that records the road recording and interior recording. It has a pre-installed WiFi, GPS, and G sensor. Getting yourself this Nexar product for your truck would be no less than a boon as it captures accurate HD 1080p pictures.


  • This dual cam has a 135° wide lens that records the footage up to 720 p and 1080 p.
  • You can get clear vision footage transferred on your phone by pairing it with the Nexar app.
  • It detects every critical situation on-road and further saves the clip as a backup.
  • At a single tap on the button, a full detailed post-collision report saves your money and time.
  • This camera’s installation is effortless. It hardly takes 5 minutes.

Garmin dash cam

Garmin DiveAssist 51 camera has live maps, smart notifications, live parking characteristics in it. It has a pre-built GPS and automatically saves your files.


  • It has a pre-built dash cam with a zoom-in display.
  • This camera has detailed live maps of Northern America.
  • You can easily see live parking details.
  • It has a pre-built GPS that records all your activities, location, and speed.
  • A manual is included with this set that helps you get a quick start.

Cansonic dash cam

Cansonic camera gives you ultra HD videos. It supports up to 256 GB, and the SD card is not included. It can withstand the temperature between 14° F to 140° F. It has a magnetic GPS and loop recording feature.


  • It provides you with ultra HD videos.
  • It can record both night vision and day vision.
  • The camera supports up to 256 GB, and the SD card is not included.
  • The camera G sensor automatically records the collision.
  • These cams are easy to install

TOGUARD dash cam 

TOGUARD produces a great trucking dash cams. This dash camera for truck drivers gives footage of 1080 p. This trucker camera has a 170-degree wide lens and a 24 hours parking monitor. The pre-built battery is designed for emergency purposes.


  • These truck dash cameras support up to 16GB to 32GB, and the SD card is not included.
  • These dash cams for trucks have a parking monitor, so if any collision occurs when the truck is parked, the video will be saved.
  • This cam detects the situation well on the road and saves the clip. It forms the best dash cam truckers.
  • This cam has an effortless installation.

YI dash cam

This dash cam gives ultra HD footage. It has a voice controller and gravity sensor unit, and an LCD screen with a 140-degree wide lens. You can connect your dash cam with the YI dash app and get all the details transferred to your Android device. This device is manufactured under YI Technology.


  • It has a higher quality camera that provides you with fantastic footage of both day and night without interruption.
  • This camera has an HD screen, which gives you a clear and comfortable view of the road with a 140° wide lens.
  • You can connect your dash camera with the YI dash app and get all the details of the collision transferred to your android device.
  • A great dash cam for a semi-truck with voice controls, which enables you to operate it without holding it.

Garmin dash cam 

This cam gives the footage up to 1080 p. It has pre-installed GPS, WiFi, and driver alerts. This cam is extremely small in size. It is a good quality cam that records well both day and night vision.


  • It has a high-quality cam that gives the footage up to 1080 p.
  • This camera’s GPS automatically saves the activity of the events.
  • It provides warning alerts by red-light cameras.
  • This camera provides you with a clear vision of day and night.


In a nutshell, the cams, as mentioned above, are the best dash cam for semi-trucks and other trucks. These provide you with some great attributes and traits like full HD video, crystal clear front camera and back camera, image sensor, top-class audio recording, video recording, camera recorder good battery life, GPS module for vehicle location, and occurring events information. Every bit of the products mentioned above is perfect.

The above-stated companies are the trusted brand, assuring you 100% durability and reliability over their products. Whenever confused, you can always look at the given reviews and make a better choice for yourself.


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