The Best Cordless Water Flossers Reviewed – 2021

Flossing is an aspect of dental hygiene that often gets neglected. People often feel lazy or annoyed when it comes to using dental floss after every meal. But getting the bits of food out of your teeth after a meal is of utmost importance. If you want to avoid plaque and gingivitis, flossing needs to be an important part of your dental routine. A cordless water flosser is able to come to the rescue if using actual dental floss is too cumbersome or bothersome. A water floss, quite literally, uses water pressure to attack plaque on your teeth and cleans your teeth out in no time. Most water flossers take only a few seconds to get the job done. The following are brief product reviews and buying guide for the greatest cordless water flossers in the market.

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Best Cordless Water Flosser

Best Waterproof Design

Water Flosser Professional Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator — Portable and Rechargeable 

The Water Flosser Professional Cordless Dental Oral Irrigator is a portable and rechargeable device that has a dual waterproof design. The design has been worked upon to ensure that any kind of leakage is prevented. The waterproof design applies to both the interior and the exterior of the device. The following are some of the features the product has to offer:


  • The water flosser has an extra-large 300 ml water reservoir.
  • It has a powerful lithium battery that can be used with only 4 hours charge for seven days straight.
  • It has three modes (normal, gentle, and pulse) and four nozzles.
  • It comes with a 30-day full refund window and a year-long warranty.


  • The inside of the water irrigator tank can be cleaned with great ease because of the Open Tank and detachable design.
  • You get 90 seconds of uninterrupted dental flossing to clean scales and plaque.
  • It has a lightweight and portable design, so it is the ideal choice for a travel flosser.
  • It has an intelligent design that prevents leakage and also makes the flosser waterproof.


  • The On/Off button is too sensitive.
  • The button locations could be better thought out.

The Easiest to Use Water Flosser

Water Flosser, Abox Cordless Oral Irrigator with 7 Jet Tips, Rechargeable Dental Flosser 

The Abox cordless water flosser is an oral irrigator with seven jet tips. This is a rechargeable dental flosser that has a removable, full opening water tank that allows you to give the flosser a thorough clean from within. It has several operating modes that can be used intelligently, making it one of the easier cordless water flossers to use. It is waterproof, so it can also be used under the shower! The following are some of the features the water flosser has to offer:


  • The flosser has an upgraded removable full opening water tank, which allows you to clean the flosser from inside.
  • It has a high-pressure water pulse of 1,800 times per minute and seven 360-degree rotating long jet tips.
  • It has a waterproof design.
  • There are three flosser modes (normal, soft, and pulse), which also come with a memory function so you can set your favorite mode even before turning the flosser on.


  • The flosser has a two minutes auto-timer, which ensures precious battery is not wasted.
  • There are seven interchangeable jet tips — one each for the whole family and then some extras.
  • It comes with a 100% refund/replacement guarantee in 12 months.
  • At 1,800 water pulses per minute, this is a great, high-pressure flosser.


  • The ‘On’/‘Off’ button could be better placed.
  • The charging adapter has to be bought separately.

Best Water Flosser for Braces and Implants

Kayla-Ism Professional Portable Cordless Water Flosser, Rechargeable Portable Water Pick Oral Irrigator for Travel and Home


The Kayla-Ism Professional Portable Cordless Water Flosser is one of the most fantastic flossers in the market for those with braces and implants. The flosser has received clinical certification that declares that three seconds with the flosser is enough for removing up to 99.99% of food debris. It has a waterproof and easy to clean design. The following are some of the features the flosser has to offer:


  • The flosser has three modes — normal, gentle and pulse — for various degrees of cleaning.
  • The flosser charges fully in only four hours.
  • The water flosser can be used for up to two weeks after a full charge.
  • The waterproof design prevents electric leakage and allows you to use it even under the shower.


  • The gentle mode is ideal for cleaning around braces and implants.
  • The flosser has been clinically proven to be effective.
  • The flosser has a memory function that makes it easy for you to pick the mode you like the most even before turning it on.
  • The water reservoir is easy to fill and also easy to disassemble.


  • The water reservoir is smaller than most other flossers in the market.
  • There is room for improvement when it comes to the amount of power the flosser thrusts out. 

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Top Water Flosser for Travel

Cordless Water Flosser Teeth Cleaner, Rechargeable Portable Dental Oral Irrigator for Travel and Home

The Hanasco Cordless Water Flosser is the ideal size for a travel-ready water flosser. The tank is detachable and leak-proof. You can fill it either through an opening in the back or by removing the tank altogether. It has an efficient motor and comes with four different types of jets. It has three modes and has a more powerful battery that makes it useful to carry during travels. The following are some of the features the flosser has to offer:


  • The water flosser has a built-in 2,000 mAh lithium battery that is USB rechargeable.
  • It has a motor with 1,800 times/minute which provides 30-110 psi pressure water pulse.
  • The flosser also has an adjustable pressure setting that meets various oral and dental needs.
  • The battery charges fully within four hours and can be used for 30 days continuously.


  • The flosser has an incredible battery life, making it ideal for taking with you for travels.
  • This is a lightweight flosser that does not occupy too much space in your travel bag.
  • You can preset a mode before use to activate the memory function.
  • It has four interchangeable jet tips making it the ideal flosser for a family on vacation.


  • The nozzle tends to jump out when the water pressure is too high.
  • The softest mode is too soft and has hardly any water pressure.

Most Versatile Water Flosser

Liberex Cordless Water Flosser — Portable Oral Irrigator with 5 Jet Nozzles

The Liberex Cordless Water Flosser is one of the most versatile portable oral irrigators. It has five jet nozzles and comes with a variety of accessories that make it even more versatile than it already is. It also comes in a travel-friendly pouch to make your life and oral hygiene easier. The following are some of the features the water flosser has to offer:


  • The water flosser has a 1,600 times/minute pulse and five 360-degree rotating long nozzles.
  • The water flosser has been specially designed to alleviate the symptoms of periodontitis.
  • It has three deep cleaning modes — normal, soft and pulse.
  • It comes with a travel-friendly pouch.


  • The flosser is suitable even for biofilm-thick layers of plaque that may cover the surface of your teeth.
  • The flosser lasts 14 days after a full charge of four hours.
  • It is suitable for those with braces, implants, crowns, bridges, etc.
  • It does not develop an odor even after a long period of use.


  • The flosser is too big for some customers, according to the reviews.
  • The handle needs to be kept dry at all times or it tends to become dirty very quickly.

Things to Consider Before Buying

There are a few things you may want to consider before buying a cordless water flosser. The following are some of the most important factors that you may want to take a look at:

Water Pressure Control

The water pressure control is the most important aspect of a flosser. Without good water pressure, the flosser will not have the power to clean your teeth out. Depending on your requirements, you should also be able to regulate the water pressure. Typically, water flossers have three modes — normal, gentle and pulse. All three modes are able to regulate water pressure and tend to various oral needs that you may have.

The water pressure is measured in times/minute.

Tank Capacity

The tank capacity is the next important thing to consider. If a water flosser has a decently-sized tank, you will be able to finish off your flossing without needing to refill the tank. The water tank in most upgraded models of water flossers are fully open and can be cleaned with ease. The water tank is also typically removable for ease of use.

For a cordless water flosser, 300 ml seems to be a decent size for the water tank to have.

Number of Nozzles

Most cordless water flossers come with at least four nozzles or jet tips so multiple people in the family can use the same flosser. The more nozzles there are, the greater use you can get out of a single cordless water flosser. In the product review above, seven is the highest number of nozzles a water flosser comes with.


Waterproofing is extremely important and no water flosser is complete without it. Since cordless water flossers operate on batteries, you cannot risk the water tank leaking and damaging the battery. Since the water flosser is also portable, you do not want to restrict your movements. If you are running late in the morning and need to step into the shower as soon as possible, waterproofing will allow you to use the water flosser underneath the shower even.


In a portable water flosser, the battery is of utmost importance. If the battery dies at the shortest notice, the flosser is not really portable. Without the battery, a cordless water flosser’s portability diminishes. Most of the water flossers that have been mentioned above can be fully charged within four hours. How long the flosser can last when it is fully charged is the real test of its portability. Some flossers can last 10 days, others can last a whole month of continuous use. The battery life of a cordless water flosser determines how good it is as a portable device. 

Final Thoughts

Flossing can be quite a laborious task — especially after you have had a heavy and delicious meal, you do not want to come face to face with the remnants stuck in your mouth. With water floss, you never need to look at the mess between your teeth. The pressure of the water will remove any food particles that may be stuck in your teeth and will give you a thorough clean from end to end. Portable water flossers make life much easier while you are traveling or even if you are at work. They are not very expensive and will last you a long time so you can simply keep a spare water flosser in the office or in your travel bag so you never fall behind on your dental hygiene routine. 


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