The 8 Best Chainsaw Mills (2021) – Reviews & Top Picks

If you live in a remote region where it is not always convenient to take a log to a sawmill, a chainsaw mill is a useful piece of equipment. A portable chainsaw mill does not require a lot of people to operate and lets you create lumber quickly.

There are many products on the market, and not all of them would be suited to your requirements. This equipment needs to be durable and heavy enough to tackle any type of wood. Having said that, it should not be too heavy either; after all, we are talking about portable sawmills. With so many options on the market, how do you expect to find the right one for you?

To help you choose the right chainsaw mill, we have gone through several product reviews and customer reviews to come up with a list of the most popular products. Later on in the article, we have included a buying guide as well to help you choose the right product.

Best Chainsaw Mills

Granberg Chainsaw Mill, Model# G777

Granberg’s model G777 is a lightweight mill that claims to be able to cut all kinds of timber. The company has been making logging tools since 1954 and has been producing the Alaskan mill for the last 5 decades. The Alaskan mill has come to be one of the most reliable tools the world over and is used by workmen and hobbyists. Granberg’s designs are all about simplicity and functionality, and the model G777 is no exception.

It comes ready to mount with minimal assembly required and requires no previous experience. The model is said to create less vibration and is the perfect tool for arborists, homeowners and woodworkers. It has a clear carbonate safety guard and the construction is zinc-plated and aircraft aluminum. The product is made in the United States. 


  • Can be attached to a saw without the drilling bar
  • High-quality aircraft aluminum and zinc-plated steel construction
  • The product comes ready to mount
  • Comes with a polycarbonate safety guard and assembly hardware


  • Portable and lightweight design; you can mill lumber at the point where the tree has fallen
  • Can fit chainsaws of all makes and persons of any skill level can use it
  • Can be used by arborists and homeowners alike
  • Adjusts easily and does not have as much vibration as the die-cast versions


  • Some customers have said that the product suffers from poor design flaws
  • Other customers have complained that some hardware was missing in their shipment

Popsport Chainsaw Mill

The Popsport chainsaw mill is designed to turn your chainsaw into a lumber mill and it will do so without putting a burden on your pocket. The assembly does not require much expertise and can be done in a matter of minutes, and you are ready for any job, big or small. Like most products in this category, the manufacturer provides hardware for a quick installation. So if you are an enthusiast or a DIYer, this tool will make a great addition to your toolshed.

The manufacturer says that it will work with all types of chainsaws, but a lot of users have said that attaching a powerful gas-powered chainsaw (bigger than 50-60cc) will give better results.  The tool itself is made of commercial-grade aluminum and stainless steel, ensuring its durability for a long time to come.


  • Convert raw logs into slabs of thickness varying from ½ inch to 12 inches
  • Can be attached directly to the chainsaw bar
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction
  • Comes with a user manual and an assembling tool


  • Available at a really attractive price
  • Doesn’t require many turns of the wrench to attach it to the chain bar
  • Can be transported to remote areas because of its portable design
  • Sturdy and tough construction


  • Some customers have said that assembling the unit takes a lot of time and the instructions are not clear enough
  • Others find adjusting the height a bit difficult

Granberg MK-IV Alaskan Chainsaw Mill

When it comes to chainsaw mills and heavy tools like those, Granberg is a leading name because it has been making them for more than 50 years. This particular model is a heavy-duty chainsaw mill designed to cut planks and beams up to 13 inches deep and 26 inches wide. Like most products in this category, the design is lightweight so it can be transported to remote logs and is a perfect tool for outdoor enthusiasts and builders alike.

The MK-IV has a tubular aircraft aluminum extrusion and the construction is made of sturdy zinc-plated steel parts. The machine has been hailed by users to provide uniform, clean cuts every single time and for its easy assembly. Like all Granberg products, this has also been designed and manufactured in the United States and does not require the user to have any experience.


  • Cuts beam ½ inch to 13 inches deep and 26 inches wide
  • CNC-machined billet end brackets
  • Designed and manufactured in the US
  • Tubular Aircraft aluminum extrusion


  • Delivers even cuts with every use
  • No experience required; easier to adjust brackets
  • Virtually unbreakable construction
  • Creates little to no vibration (depending on the chainsaw)


  • Some users have said that the MK-IV does not work as well with smaller chainsaws
  • Other users have had trouble using a chainsaw with this product in general

Granberg G555B Edging Mill

This is another great product from Granberg that was previously known as the “mini-mill” and nothing has changed about it except the name. Granberg manufactures quality mills and the G555 also uses the same zinc-plated steel and aircraft aluminum construction. Customers who are on a tight budget will appreciate the G555B because it is priced low when you compare it with the MK-IV or the G777, both Granberg models.

This great value-for-money chainsaw mill is a great tool for slab edging or squaring logs and comes with a 12-foot ‘V’ rail as a cutting guide. If you are looking to make boards out of logs or making straight and long cuts, this is a very handy machine. The product weighs a mere 6.8 pounds which in itself is a huge selling point. For small-time woodworkers and hobbyists, this is an excellent tool. 


  • Can be fitted with chainsaws with bars of 16-36 inches
  • Durable steel-plated and aircraft aluminum construction
  • Cuts logs into lumber or beams with great ease
  • Comes with all the necessary hardware for assembly


  • Edging slabs was never this easy with the G555B
  • Suitable for professionals as well as amateurs
  • Very affordably priced
  • Compact design and very lightweight
  • The presence of a cutting manual is a boon


  • Some customers have said that the description of the product can be misleading and that it has a minimum width requirement
  • Other customers have said that it is very hard to work with

Farmertec Portable Chainsaw mill

Farmertech is a large company with worldwide distribution and partners with over 200 companies.  Though not a very popular brand yet, this is one of the best chainsaw mills they manufacture. Regardless of whether you are doing a job at home or in the woods, you will be surprised by its ease of use. If you own large saws, it can be considered the best companion; it works perfectly fine with chainsaws with a bar length of 14-36 inches.

When you start working with the Farmertec, you will realize how versatile this tool is. Since it has been constructed of steel and aluminum it is perfect for work in the toughest of environments and there is no fear of breakage. Its milling width and milling height are fully adjustable and it can cut boards up to 13 inches.


  • Comes with an acrylic dust cover for protection
  • Can cut wood pieces from 14-36 inches in width
  • Attaches to the chainsaw bar quickly
  • Carrying weight is around 16.5 pounds


  • Made of durable and sturdy materials
  • Does away with a drilling bar
  • Ideal for woodworkers and carpenters as well as homeowners
  • Very efficient and versatile


  • Some customers have said that the ruler is difficult to use and read
  • Others have said that it comes with a barely readable manual and is difficult to control

Haddon Lumber Maker

This product takes pride in claiming that its original design has remained unchanged since its inception in the 1970s and that it is manufactured in the United States. The product is constructed entirely of steel and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The manufacturer describes this tool that can transform virtually any chainsaw into a lumber mill. The tool can be attached to any factory chainsaw and is plated to prevent rust.

As it is now a pretty common feature, the assembly does not require drilling the chainsaw bar. People who are fond of log homes will testify that the tool is great for cutting log wall doors or square windows as well as for slabbing logs. What’s more is the Lumber Maker comes complete with a detailed, 30-page manual that’s been copyrighted by Jesse Haddon, the owner of the company. The manual has complete and detailed illustrations and pictures to explain this useful tool’s versatility. 


  • All-steel construction
  • Fits 2×6 or 2×4 guide boards easily
  • Works with virtually any chainsaw
  • Comes with a 30-page detailed manual


  • Made exclusively in the United States
  • Comes with a no-questions-asked lifetime guarantee
  • It’s relatively inexpensive
  • No need to drill the chainsaw bar
  • Very quick and easy installation


  • Some customers have complained that the tool does not fit a 2×6
  • Other customers have said that the tool is poorly built and comes apart

LOGOSOL Big Mill Timberjig Mini Sawmill

Logosol is a Swedish company that has been making tools for woodworking and wood processing for more than 30 years and makes products that are reliable and efficient. They have a presence in over 65 countries and manufacture industrial machines as well as chainsaws. The company claims to have sold over 30,000 sawmills. This particular product weighs only 8.8 pounds and upon looking carefully, you will find almost no rails (it can be bought separately from the manufacturer). If you have logs that have already been cut, this is a great tool.

Every cut with this tool results in great accuracy. The scales are very easy to read and you can cut the timber in perfect dimensions. This is an ideal sawmill for homeowners who already have a chainsaw with 2 guide bar bolts.


  • Rail holders can be set to 90-degree angles
  • Steps for sawing height are fixed
  • Can be fitted to most chainsaws
  • Clear, easy-to-read scales


  • Rigid aluminum guide rails ensure straight cuts every time
  • Can handle logs up to 60 cm in diameter
  • Very easy to use
  • Easy to carry, weighs only 8.8 pounds


  • Some people don’t like the fact that the rails have to be bought separately
  • Other people have found that the product is difficult to use on round logs

Carmyra Portable Chainsaw mill

Carmyra may not be a well-known company like Granberg, but it is fast making its name thanks to its quality tools. One of the greatest advantages that chainsaw mills have that they are portable because of the lack of a cutting blade. Though not on the lighter side like most of the products listed here, the Carmyra portable chainsaw mill is a tough tool that is suitable for the toughest of jobs. Like almost all tools listed here, it is constructed of steel and aluminum that contribute to durability. This tool is fairly adjustable and can cut beams or lumbers from 0.5 inch to 13 inches thick.

Like most tools in the same category, the chainsaw mill will work with any type of chainsaw, whether it is corded, gas operated or battery powered. This affordable chainsaw mill can be attached to the saw without any drilling.


  • Makes consistent cuts from 0.5 inch to 13 inches
  • Designed to work with chainsaws from 14 inches to 36 inches
  • Heavy-duty construction of steel and aluminum
  • Total weight of 16.6 pounds
  • Comes with an assembling tool and manual


  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee
  • No need to make any modifications to the chainsaw
  • Works with virtually any chainsaw
  • Rugged construction


  • Some customers have complained of receiving the product with missing hardware
  • Other customers feel that the unit is poorly designed


Would I Benefit from a Chainsaw Mill?

If you are a hobbyist who loves working with wood, investing in a chainsaw mill is a great idea. Buying a chainsaw mill will have the following benefits:

  • Accurate Cuts: If you like making your furniture, a chainsaw mill will eliminate all guesswork from cutting a plank. Each machine is calibrated and using one ensures that you are getting precise cuts every time.
  • Saves on Time: If you live in a hilly, remote area surrounded by trees and you do not have a sawmill, you will have to transport the logs to a milling facility. If you own a sawmill you can take it to where the tree was felled and turn it into lumber on the spot. Besides, logs are heavy and need specialized equipment to be moved.
  • Saves Money: Transporting logs or turning them into lumber at a large sawmill will cost you money. Consider the sawmill as an investment, you can save a lot of money in the time to come.

Do Chainsaw Mills Have Major Drawbacks?

Every chainsaw mill is dependent on the size of a chainsaw bar and limits the maximum width of a log. This differs from product to product. So before you buy, you will need to ensure that your saw is compatible with the chainsaw mill you are considering buying.

Are Chainsaw Mills Only Built for Large Chainsaws?

Not really. This depends on the product. Most of the products that we have listed will work with a chainsaw of any size.

Points to consider before buying a Chainsaw Mill


This is one of the most important points to consider before buying a chainsaw mill. The weight and portability will come into play, especially if you have to carry the mill deep into the woods or where the timber is being cut. In this scenario, a lightweight chainsaw mill will be extremely useful. On the other hand, if you are going to be using it on only a singular location, you may want to invest in a heavier mill because it is steadier. 

Bar Size/Capacity

How long is your chain mill bar will determine the width of a log that you can cut through? Determining this is easy. All you have to do is measure the diameter of the log that you are used to cutting and then look for a chainsaw mill that has a bar that is of equivalent length. This is an important consideration because the bars are not extendable.


Since cutting wood is mostly outdoorsy, you will need something that is heavy duty and something that can withstand some abuse. In most of the products that we have reviewed here, steel and aluminum are two common factors because they signify durability. Some of the mills sold have aircraft-grade aluminum, while others have commercial-grade materials. Durability is something that most customers will comment on first since this type of product is usually brought for long-time use.

Cutting Depth

As the name signifies, this will determine the thickness of the boards. Most of the time, this thickness is adjustable. But this depends on the product; most of the products listed here can cut a variety of widths, from ½ inch to 13 inches.


Don’t get lured by aggressive marketing. Read the reviews carefully and determine what you need your chainsaw mill for. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something which you will only use twice or thrice a year.


A chainsaw mill can be a handy tool if you live in a remote or hilly area and regularly encounter downed wood to convert it into something useful. This may look a little complicated in the beginning, but with the products we have listed above, this can turn into a regular activity. Transporting logs to a large mill for cutting can be expensive and a chainsaw mill can turn these logs into useful lumber without having to move them. Choose a chainsaw mill that is not difficult to install, is durable and is reasonably priced. You can always come back to this guide for reference.


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