Top 15 Best Boxing Gloves for Women Reviewed in 2021

When it comes to boxing gloves for women, looks are definitely not everything! There are many other factors you need to consider than just the color and design of your gloves- padding, material, fit, and more. Still, that does not mean that female boxing gloves cannot look great and feel great at the same time.

The Best Boxing Gloves for Women

We decided to show you that boxing is not only for men, and girls can do just as well as boys in any sport (and still look good while doing so!) We gathered the greatest female gloves for boxing available on the market, and we really hope you’ll find our reviews useful! Now, let’s get down to business!

Fighting Sports S2 Gel Power Sparring Gloves


You’re tired of your old boxing gloves and want something new, comfortable, and reliable? We got you covered! These Fighting Sports S2 gloves for women not only look super cool with their black and white design but also feel great due to their unique S2 GEL technology.

The greatest advantage of this pair of gloves is their high-quality inner design. They offer high levels of fitting comfort due to the three layers of foam padding they feature- S2 shock suppression gel, K-329 sponge comfort foam, and BL05S high-density foam that can absorb all impacts. Moreover, you get a moisture-wicking inner hands liner that will guarantee you have a cool workout with no sweaty hands.

We also love the cuff support these women’s boxing gloves offer due to the additional S2 GEL inserted in the wrist and palm. When it comes to boxing, your gloves must offer a secure fit, so we also enjoyed the double-wide wraparound hook-and-loop wrist closure of this model! These gloves may be a bit more expensive than other women’s boxing gloves available on the market, but this is because they are made of full-grain leather with spirited mesh implementation and Dura-Glean synthetic inserts.

Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves for Women


Everlast is undoubtedly one of the best brands of boxing gloves, so it would have been strange if we hadn’t included a product by them on our list of boxing gloves for women. If pink is your color, then these gloves will definitely become your favorite. You get to choose between 2 color combinations- pink and white, and pink and black. Both of them look exceptionally good, and you will not only defeat your opponent, but you will also look good while doing so.

These Everlast women’s boxing gloves are made of premium synthetic leather. Combined with the excellent construction of the gloves, this leather guarantees lasting durability for years to come. The women’s gloves are also very breathable due to the full mesh palm they feature.

A hook-and-loop closure guarantees you get excellent wrist protection and secure fit during various striking angles. The one thing we liked the most, however, was the EVER FRESH antimicrobial treatment that keeps your hands and gloves fresh by preventing offensive odors.

Twins Special Boxing Gloves Velcro


If you love hitting the heavy bag in the gym or, even better, if you have a heavy bag in your home and need gloves that are suitable for it, you just found them! These women’s boxing gloves may be pink and cute, but they are the real deal! They are suitable for boxing, Muay Thai, and various other sports.

Besides pink, these gloves also come in blue and black. You get to choose from various different sizes (16oz. is the ideal size for training.) These training gloves are just as good and durable as any other men’s gloves. They are made of 100% genuine leather and are ideal for female boxers with small hands.

The gloves are designed to provide you with incredible wrist support and shock absorption. They have extra hand padding, so you can use them while sparing with a partner or, like we already mentioned, while hitting your heavy bag. The velcro wrist strap is also a good addition to the design, and it is made really well. It offers full security and is perfect for a quick take-off.

CLETO REYES Professional Fight Gloves


The first thing that impressed us about these CLETO REYES professional gloves for women was the wide color range we got to choose from- 19 different color options and combinations. However, we quickly realized this was nothing compared to the many great characteristics of the gloves.

These women’s boxing gloves are one of the greatest training gloves you can ever get since they are just as good as any other official fight gloves. Aside from being formulated to a density equivalent to that of professional fight gloves, these beauties are contoured with Safetec foam, which makes them exceptionally durable and more reliable than most gloves on the market.

We believe that the boxing gloves for women should provide you with maximum punching precision, and that’s why we loved the slim shape these gloves have. Still, they are very comfortable, have perfect padding, and will keep your hands safe. Each glove is manufactured with high-quality cowhide leather and water repellent nylon lining.

Ringside Women’s IMF Tech Boxing Training Sparring Gloves


These were our absolute favorite in terms of design. They look super cool, and the bright pink combines so nicely with the black and gray colors! This great look is not only due to the beautiful colors but also due to the leather and textured vinyl combo shell.

These Ringside women’s boxing gloves offer excellent protection during impact because of their unique vinyl overlay webbing on the underside. It provides extra reinforcement, and your hands will be safe, while you will also be able to hit any target with incredible precision.

The dope design is completed with an attached thumb that makes this model even more comfortable. With this suggestion, you also get a mesh that promotes evaporation and keeps your hands free of sweat. The 10-ounce size is ideal for women with smaller hands who want quick movement and high safety levels.

Lonsdale London Club Sparring Boxing Gloves

Lonsdale is an English sports equipment brand that offers quality boxing gear, clothing, gloves, boots, and MMA gear. All of their products are reliable and come at incredible prices. These synthetic leather gloves are no exception, and we were really impressed with their durability and padding.

This is a suggestion for all those women who are not fans of pink but prefer something a bit more classical. The black and white glove for women is perfect for hitting that heavy bag in the gym or for a sparring session. These are some of the best women’s gloves in terms of padding and comfort.

As we already mentioned, this pair of gloves has a high padded construction. Your knuckles, wrist, and back of your hand will be perfectly safe while you do your heavy bag work-out. Like some of our previous suggestions, these gloves feature a Hook-and-Loop closure.

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What Type of Women Gloves for Boxing Do I Need

You need to consider many factors before deciding on a glove for boxing, but the first and most important thing you should think about is what exactly you need the glove for. Based on the answer, you get two main types of women’s gloves for boxing:

  • Heavy Bag Gloves

This type of glove, as its name suggests, is ideal for heavy bags and mitts. It has a dense foam that will keep your hands and knuckles safe and will not compress. Heavy bag gloves are not really suitable for sparring, even though some models have smart designs and could be suitable for both things.

  • Sparring Gloves

Sparring is completely different than hitting a heavy bag. You’ll need a training glove with good padding that will protect both you and your partner. The best boxing gloves for sparring are soft enough to keep your partner’s face safe and padded enough to ensure your knuckles don’t get hurt and you don’t hit your partner too hard.

Sparring women’s gloves should also have an attached thumb that adds extra comfort and helps you keep your thumb safe. Trust us, jamming your thumb can be very painful. Moreover, this attached thumb ensures you don’t poke your partner’s eye out!

Wrap Up

Women’s boxing gloves can be both stylish and sturdy, and all of the suggestions on our list of gloves for boxing are proof of that. We gathered the greatest products on the market in one place, and we are positive there’s something for everyone! Pick a pair of gloves and start your training session now!


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