The Best Bean Bag Filler And How To Find It

There is no better way to relax after your tiring day at work or school than sitting in your bean bag with fillers. This is the next best thing to a high-quality mattress for your bed since it is very comfortable, soft, and you can even make it on your own!

Sale Big Joe Bean Bag Refill, 2 Pack, White

Still, if you don’t have the time, you can always buy cush chairs online and change their bean bag chair filling when the time comes.

Top 4 Best Bean Bag Fillers

We created a list with the favorite bean bag chair refills and we really hope you will find the product that will make your life more cozy and comfortable!

Gold Medal Bean Bags Filling

Gold medal chairs with filling are simply incredible. They look outstanding and are super comfortable. If you have one of those or your old bean bag with filling by another brand needs new bean bag stuffing, Gold Medal got you covered. This suggestion not only comes at a great price but is also very durable.

This is a large package, but you might still need 2 of these two to fill an XXL bag. Each bean included is around 1cm in diameter. The product is manufactured in the United States, and we were really pleased with its quality. A good rule of thumb is to open the package outside if you don’t want to get tine bead everywhere around your house.

Big Joe Bean Bag Refill

Bean bags are everything but boring. They are super comfortable, and there isn’t a person who can’t spend hours sitting on them, reading their favorite book, or watching their favorite TV show. Still, these cool “chairs” compress over time, even when they have the best bean bag filling. Still, you don’t have to buy a new chair every six months! You just have to get yourself separate fillings for bean bags that are just as great as this bean bag fill offered by Big Joe.

Each bag contains 100 liters of beans for a bean bag, and with it, you can quickly bring your old bean back to life. This is a 2-pack suggestion, so you will also save yourself some money. These bean bag fillers last longer than most other suggestions on the market and are made of 100% virgin polyester. For all nature lovers- these Big Joe bean bag fillings are also fully recyclable.

Posh Beanbags Bean Bag Chair Filler

Have you ever thought about building your own bean bag chairs? Well, now’s the time! This posh bean bag filler not only comes in two package sizes- 75L and 100L, but is also extremely durable. The 75L bean bag filler we tried is perfect for small chairs. It can bring your old bean bag with filler back to life or help you create your own bean bag chair.

This product is made in the United States and meets all Cal117 fire code laws. It is very durable and gives your bag the ideal volume. All Posh bean bag refills are made from Expanded polystyrene and are entirely recyclable after usage. We believe this is one of the best bean bag fill in terms of durability as it is manufactured using Posh’s propriety beans expansion process for longer life. The box size measures 20in x 15in x 20in.

IZO Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Filling for Bean Bag Chairs

This may be the last suggestion on our list of the finest beans for bean bag chairs, but it is just as good as the previous products we reviewed, if not even better! The beans for bean bags IZO Home Goods offer are made of CertiPUR-US Certified Foam and will literally make you feel as if standing on a cloud.

This filler for bean bag chairs is a bit more expensive than the other ones we mentioned, but this is due to its exceptional material. The package dimensions are 17.9 x 13.7 x 5.5 inches, and the product is once again made in the United States. IZO Home Goods refills for bean bags are also suitable for dog beds, pillows, cushions, and different crafts.

What is a Bean Bag

These are pretty much cushions filled with various types of pallets. They have the function of chairs and serve as stand-alone furniture. Usually, they have a round shape, but in recent years, manufacturers have been making them in all shapes and sizes. That means you can get small-sized kid bags for your little angel, or XXXL ones for you.

These cute chairs are the epitome of comfort. You can literally spend hours sitting in them while reading, watching TV, listening to your favorite band, or even sleeping. They are ideal for informal seating and can look good in any home. Since there are many models available on the market, you can choose a size, color, and design that fits your decor and impress any guest that enters your house.

What are These Chairs Made Of

As we already mentioned, these bags come in different designs and materials, so you can easily find one (or two, or three) that fit your interior. The most frequently used material for the cover is polyester. This material is not expensive, and you can easily get it yourself if you decide to make your own chair. However, polyester bean bag chairs are not always that durable, so many people prefer other options.

What are the other options? Well, the first one is nylon. It is also very popular and is easier to clean. Other materials used for the cover are canvas, cotton, suede, faux fur, corduroy, and leather. We personally love microsuede fabric as it is very soft and definitely offers high levels of comfort!

When it comes to the stuffing for bean bag, you get to choose from 4 main types:

  • Natural Bean Bag Filler

The easiest way to fill bean bags is by using dried grains or beans. Yes, that’s right! You can use corn, rice, beans, or wheat in your kitchen to create a comfortable chair that looks super cute! The one disadvantage, however, will be the fact that your chair will not be that bouncy. Moreover, you will need plenty of material to fill the bag. Still, many people prefer that option as it is eco-friendly!

  • EPS beads (Expanded polystyrene beads)

A bean bag filler made with EPS beads is the most commonly used one. These bean bag chair beans are lightweight and very resilient. They are also super comfortable! Polystyrene beads fall into two different categories: recycled and virgin EPS beads. If you want a bean bag filler that will last longer, you should get the virgin type. You can quickly check if the beads are virgin EPS by simply squeezing them. If they retain their original shape immediately, then they are virgin polystyrene beads.

  • EPP beads (Expanded polypropylene beads)

This type of bean bag chair stuffing is also lightweight and durable (even more durable than EPS beads actually). We believe this is the prime plastic fill for bean bag chairs because the beads do not lose their form that easily and can last for a long time! However, these bean bag beans can quickly get damaged by moisture, so be careful with that!

  • Shredded Foam

This is probably the least popular bean bag filler option, but many people still prefer it due to the high levels of comfort it offers (just like memory foam.) A shredded foam bean bag filler can be a bit more expensive than other types but it is great for your back!

  • Memory foam

Due to its countless advantages, memory foam is getting more and more popular with all beans bag lovers! Memory foam offers incredible comfort but it is definitely not the cheapest bean bag filling. Still, if you don’t mind spending a few more bucks, don’t hesitate to try this bean bag filler! Trust us, memory foam can really change your life!

Wrap Up

Bean bags with filling are everything you need for a comfortable rest in front of your TV or for a cozy reading session with a hot chocolate in your hand. The best part is that you don’t have to replace them every time the bean bag chair fill loses its volume! You just have to get yourself more filling for bean bags! Check our suggestions above and go bring your old chairs to life!

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