Top 9 Best Battle Ropes Reviewed in 2021

Are your home workouts getting boring and monotonous? Why not add a new training tool which will allow you to exercise your body like no other piece of gym equipment until now?

If you have never used a battle rope, you will be amazed at the effect of the workouts with this simple but highly efficient workout tool.

Battle ropes are used for MMA, CrossFit, cardio, weightlifting, HIIT, martial arts, weight loss, and other training.

Best Battle Ropes

With the best battle ropes, which can be 30 to 50 feet long, and 1.5 to 2 inches thick, you can perform over 50 different types of exercises, which will strengthen and tone your arms, shoulders, legs, and abs. These battle ropes will also improve your cardio endurance, your balance, and stability and will help you burn more calories and fat.

The battle rope does require sufficient space, but you can set it up in your backyard or garage easily or take it with you outdoors for a workout in the fresh air.

We have picked the best battle ropes for 2021 for you.

POWER GUIDANCE Battle Rope, 1.5/2 Inch Diameter


The Power Guidance Battle Rope is one of the best battle ropes for 2021. It is a high-quality rope that will allow you to perform a full-body workout, and it comes with a battle rope anchor, so you don’t need to buy one separately in order to use the rope in your home gym or backyard. You can also use it anywhere by wrapping the rope around a pole or tree, which is stable enough to hold it safely during the workout.

The rope comes in different size options – 30, 40, and 50 feet – the shortest being more suitable for newbies, and the longer ones for intermediates or professionals.

The 30 feet rope weighs 18 lbs., the 40 foot one weighs 24 lbs. and the longest 50 foot option has a weight of 30 lbs.

It is made of Dacron, which is heavier and sturdier than the commonly used PolyPro and PolyDac blends for the making of such battle ropes.

It is made of twisted 3 strand weave with a thickness of 1.5 inches. The rope comes with a durable nylon cover, which will help protect it from fraying and dirt and will allow you to use it outdoors and inside without worrying about getting it dirty or damaging it.

The two handles have 7.5-inch heat-shrink grips, so you will be able to hold on to the ends of the rope no matter how vigorous the exercise you are performing is. The heat-shrink handles are made of heavy-duty vinyl and will take the shape of your hands for a more comfortable and safer grip.

Trademark Innovations Strength & Core Training


This core and strength training battle rope by Trademark Innovations is an affordable rope that you can use for your cardio, CrossFit, MMA, and other training sessions, as well as a rope for a tug of war tournament or game.

It is made of 100% durable and heavy-duty Poly Dacron material and is suitable for use both indoors and outside.

It is 30 feet long and is an excellent choice for a newbie who wants to add a battle rope to their training sessions.

You can easily anchor it to any stable tree or other object and use it to strengthen your arms, shoulders, core, and legs and to increase your cardio endurance by performing waves, crossovers, jumping Jacks, jumping lunges, or other exercises of your choice.

Perantlb Poly Battle Rope with Cloth Sleeve


This battle rope by Perantlb is another bestselling rope for exercising your muscles in ways that you cannot achieve by lifting weights or other power exercises.

The battle rope is offered in three length options, including 30ft., 40ft. and 50ft.

All three options are 1.5 inches thick, and there is a suitable rope length for anyone – from a beginner to a pro athlete.

The rope is made of strong and hefty poly Dacron and comes with comfortable 8.66-inch shrink handles and a PVC sleeve for a better grip even when your hands are sweaty.

It also has an abrasion-resistant, water-resistant and sturdy nylon sheath and a pre-sheath to extend the longevity of the rope and to keep it clean and safe while training inside or outdoors.

Along with one of the best battle ropes, you will receive an anchor, anchor straps, anchor mounting equipment, a strong carabiner, and a carry bag as part of the package.

With a battle rope like this, you can perform all types of exercises to add mass to your legs, arms, shoulders, and abs, and also to boost your cardiovascular endurance and stamina.

AmazonBasics Battle Exercise Training Rope


If you want to buy a good quality battle rope for your home gym but without breaking the bank, then we recommend that you check out the AmazonBasics Battle Exercise Training Rope.

It is very reasonably priced for the premium quality provided and is available in different lengths and thickness options, including 344 x 1.5 inches, 372 x 1.9 inches, 470 x 1.5 inches, and 490 x 1.9 inches.

The rope has a durable 3-strand design and is made of a sturdy polyester blend. The material used will add to the weight and durability of the rope and will keep it intact and ready for use for years of hard training.

Apart from a battle rope, you can also use it for climbing, pulling, or undulation exercises.

With this rope battling gym tool, you can burn calories, build up and strengthen your muscles, and increase your cardio endurance for an overall improvement of your fitness and health.

AUTUWT Heavy Jump Rope Skipping Rope

This is another affordable battle rope which is shorter than the other ropes on this list and can be used as a heavy jump rope for faster and more efficient calorie burning and cardio and strength training.

The rope is offered in different lengths and thicknesses, including 9.2 ft. x 1 inch, 9.9 ft. x 1 inch, 9.2 ft. x 1.5 inches, and 9.9 ft. x 1.5 inches.

The heavy jumping rope is made of durable polyester and has soft handles made of rubber. The rope is sold with special gloves which you should wear in order to prevent calluses and blisters.

With this shorter rope, you can improve your speed, agility, coordination, footwork, and your endurance.

Thanks to its portability, you can easily take it with you to the gym or to your outdoor training session.

You can also purchase one of the most popular battle ropes with a protective nylon sleeve in order to protect it from dirt, friction and to increase its longevity.

Champion Sports Heavy Training Rope


This premium quality battle rope by Champion Sports is one of the most durable and highest quality rope of all products on our list.

The sturdy training rope has a thick, multi-strand Rhino polyester weave and durable PVC handles for a comfortable and slip-proof grip.

It is weighted to provide over 20 lbs. of training resistance for efficient calorie-burning, muscle strength building, and stamina.

It is one of the best battle ropes for core strengthening, cardio exercise, and increasing your grip strength and your overall endurance.

The multisport training rope comes in a wide variety of size options – with different lengths and thickness, including 1.5 inches x 30 feet, 1.5 inches x 40 feet, 1.5 inches x 50 feet, and 2 inches x 30 feet, 2 inches x 40 feet and 2 inches x 50 feet, so there is a size suitable for any training man or woman.

The 50 foot battle ropes are recommended for advanced athletes and enthusiasts.

As a whole, if you want the best battle rope to get into the best shape ever, then this one by Champion is a superb choice.

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Perantlb Battle Rope with wear-Resistant Nylon


The Perantlb Battle Rope with a Nylon Protective Sleeve is another durable training rope that you can use over and over again for years to get into shape and to stay fit and healthy.

The sturdy woven rope comes with a middle protective sleeve and an outer abrasion-resistant nylon sleeve to protect it from friction and dirt and to increase its durability.

The high-quality battle rope comes in various thickness options and lengths, including 40 feet x 1.5 inches, 50 feet x 1.5 inches, and 30 feet x 2 inches, 40 feet x 2 inches, and 50 feet x 2 inches, so there is one of these excellent battle ropes for everybody – newbies, intermediates, and pros.

It is fitted with 8.66-inch heat-shrink handles, which will mold to the shape of your hands and provide you with a secure and comfortable grip even when your hands are sweaty.

One of the best battle ropes is perfect for all types of exercises for strengthening the core, arms, legs, and shoulders, as well as for improving your stamina and cardio endurance.

One of the best battle ropes comes with an anchor, an anchoring kit, and straps for the anchor, so you can mount it easily wherever you like.

You will also receive a carry bag so that you can take it with you to do your workout outdoors.

Battle Rope with Foldable Poster and Anchor KIT

If you are new to battle rope workouts, then this kit is a great option for you. It includes a heavy-duty Poly-Dacron battle rope along with an anchor kit, a protective sleeve, and a useful foldable poster with illustrations of all the main exercises you can perform with it.

The poster includes the top best 30 exercises that will help you get stronger and fitter and to burn fat and calories more efficiently, and you can take the poster with you wherever you decide to train.

The best battling rope also comes with a sturdy anchor strap set and a protective sleeve to keep the rope safe from friction and wear and tear. It has heat shrink handles for a secure and comfortable grip.

One of the best battle ropes is available in 1.5-inch and 2-inch diameter size options and in lengths of 30, 40, and 50 feet.

This kit is an excellent choice if you are getting started or if you are advanced in the use of training ropes alike.

Pro Battle Ropes with Anchor Strap Kit


This professional training rope by Profect Sports is made of 100% Poly Dacron and comes with an upgraded, durable DuraMax protective water resistant sleeve.

It has two sturdy non-slip anchor straps and a steel carabiner for easy anchoring.

One of the best battle ropes has extra-long coated handles to keep your hands safe and provide you with a comfortable grip at all times.

You can purchase this excellent battle rope in sizes from 1.5 inches x 30 feet, 1.5 inches x 40 feet, 1.5 inches x 50 feet to sizes 2 inches x 30 feet, 2 inches x 40 feet and 2 inches x 50 feet.

You will make your strength and cardio training sessions much more efficient with this superb rope, and you will be able to see the results pretty soon once you start using it for your upper body and whole body workouts.

One of the best battling ropes for 2021 is a top-quality product that is sold with a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

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