Realistic Bear Sleeping Bag

Chances are you have already stumbled upon images of the fantastic Great Sleeping Bear by talented Japanese artist Eiko Ishizawa. But if you haven’t or want to learn more about this impressive bear sleeping bag, as well as where you can buy something similar to it, read on.

What is the Great Sleeping Bear by Eiko Ishizawa?

This stunning-looking creation by Ishizawa was inspired by the true story which made the news about 14 years ago about a bear named Bruno who entered Bavaria, Germany, from the Italian Alps and caused numerous problems and created great fears and havoc among the locals.

Soon after his unwanted entry into the country, Bruno, who was instantly nicknamed “problem bear,” needed to be tracked down and put down by the German authorities before he had done damage or injured any local people or animals.

Obviously, this intriguing story inspired the young artist who resides in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and she proceeded to design and make one of the most stunning sleeping camping bags we have ever seen.

She was saddened by the story of the problematic bear, its boundary-crossing adventure, and its unfortunate fate, and created this realistic-looking bear sleeping bag as a depiction of the contradictive relationship between the love of humans for wild nature and the boundaries which humans rarely dare break.

Imagine sleeping in or outside a tent in a frighteningly realistic bear sleeping bag?

It sure looks soft, fuzzy and cozy, and will probably be a very comfortable way to sleep and “hibernate” both outdoors and indoors.

The bear sleeping bag could be a lot of fun, but you can scare off a lot of humans and animals while at it as well.

We are not sure what a real-life bear would think of this realistic-looking grizzly bear sleeping bag lying on the ground either, nor whether it is safe to use in the woods where a hunter or other bears may come by.

But there is no doubt that this cool sleeping bag is something you would want to show off to anyone. It has a scary bear head and a scary mouth with large white teeth, which you can use to pop out your head, or you can zip up entirely so you will look like a real bear.

The bear sleeping bag also has a long zipper that runs along the entire body of the beast, so you can get in and out of it easily and stay warm in the middle of the night.

Anyway, this superb and original creation became an internet sensation, and everyone started dreaming of owning one of these awesome bear sleeping bags.

The problem is that Eiko Ishizawa’s “Great Sleeping Bear” creation is considered more of an art installation than simply as a bear sleeping bag, and as such, it costs about $2,350 to get it commissioned and handmade for you.

But if you really like the idea of having and using a bear sleeping bag, the good news is that there are several much more affordable options available on the market in 2021.

Bear Sleeping Bag

Take a look at some of the best bear sleeping bags and similar items being offered on the market right now.

Snoozzoo Adult Panda Sleeping Bag for Person up to 75 inches Tall


If you are a panda bear lover, then this is another excellent idea for a fun-looking and extremely comfortable bear sleeping bed.

The Panda bear sleeping bag by Snoozzoo costs a fraction of what the original “Great Sleeping Bear” does but is still one of the most comfortable onesies and costumes you can buy.

The plush soft Panda bear sleeping bag can be used as a pajama, as an onesie for lounging or for sleepovers, and even for camping and for other travels.

It folds up and can be carried as a backpack for added convenience.

This cute sleeping bag will fit most adults who are up to 75 inches in height.

It has convenient zipper openings at the front, as well as at the paws and feet, so you can use your hands and feet while wearing it.

This unique product is another superb gift idea for a panda lover or for someone who loves all animals for Christmas, a birthday, or for just about any occasion.

Haokaini Newborn Bear Cotton Fleece Hooded Romper Jumpsuit 


These incredibly cute cotton fleece bear jumpsuits are made of premium quality cotton and fleece and are warm and soft to touch even by a newborn baby.

The bear hood with cute ears will not only make the little one look even more adorable but will keep the little one warm and cozy too.

The warm bear romper has a convenient button closure, which allows for easy opening and closing when you need to change the baby’s diapers.

The bear jumpsuit comes in a variety of sizes for babies from 0 up to 12 months old, and you can get it in one of the many attractive color options, including brown, grey, khaki, pink, and white.

It is a superb idea for a baby shower or a new baby arrival gift and can be used as a swaddle, a crib wrap, and even as a bear sleeping bag to ensure that the little one is comfortable and warm.

Snoozzoo Adult Black Bear Sleeping Bag for Adults up to 75 inches Tall


You can buy the Snoozzoo Adult Black Bear sleeping bank without breaking the bank and still have the coolest and most comfortable sleeping bag amongst all of your camping buddies on your next camping trip.

It looks like a fuzzy and soft onesie or bear costume, but the fact is that this is a true bear sleeping bag with a lot of padding and made of warm and durable cotton textile, so you can actually use it for sleeping outdoors on a camp bed and with added bedding for warmth.

This fun-looking bear sleeping bag is designed and made to comfortably fit teenagers and adults who are up to 75 inches tall. It looks like a teddy bear sleeping bag more than a realistic bear sleeping bag, but it is still the best alternative we could find for the original giant bear sleeping bag.

You can quickly put the bear suit sleeping bag on and off, and wear it as a bear onesie sleeping bag, as a funny costume, or use it for sleeping indoors, as a body pillow, or simply for lounging and staying cozy at home.

The bear sleeping bag can be folded into a backpack so you can carry it with you when going on your next outdoor adventure.

It is a perfect gift idea for bear and animal lovers and will be appreciated for any occasion.

Cinder Black Bear Blanket for Boys and All Kids 

The Cinder Black Bear wearable fleece blanket is not precisely a bear sleeping bag, but it is as close as you can get if you want an affordable and funny version of the original bear sleeping bag for a child.

The hooded fleece blanket can be worn and has a bear head for a hood, and even paw pockets with nails to keep the hands of the kid warm, and feet as well.

It is a soft and cozy fleece blanket made of double-sided plush polyester.

It is suitable for children aged 4 years or older, and its size is about 58 x 55 inches.

This bear hooded fleece throw can be machine washed in cold water.

It is a great gift idea for a child and will keep it comfy and warm during the cold winter days, or when he or she is spending time relaxing, playing, or studying in your house Your child will love snuggling in this unique wearable blanket designed like an adorable black bear. Plus, it is one of those gifts that will make bedtime a funnier time of the day, and your kid will love flaunting the clothing in front of friends too.


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