Top 6 Basketball Knee Pads 2021 Reviews

Since basketball is a high-impact sport with a lot of quick movements, jumping, running, cutting to the sides, and sudden stops and changes of direction, the risk of stress fractures and knee injuries is very high.

In fact, basketball comes in second after running, when it comes to sports, which are hardest on the knees.

A suitable and reliable pair of knee pads can help keep the knees stable, protect them from injuries, and can also help promote your performance by adding more stability.

We have picked the favorite basketball knee pads for 2020 for you, so read on to find out more about these essential accessories for any player.

The knee pads in this list are also suitable for injury recovery, pain relief, and protection of the knees during everyday activities, and other activities – mild and intensive.

Basketball Knee Pads

TechWare Pro Knee Compression Sleeve – Knee Brace for Men & Women

The TechWare Pro Knee Compression Knee sleeve and brace offer added support and compression to the knee, which is essential when practicing or playing basketball with a knee injury or pain in the area.

It is made of soft and breathable fabric, so your leg won’t be sweaty or uncomfortable, and will provide you with the range of movement you need for the perfect performance on the court.


  • Sold at an affordable price and with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Made of knitted, soft, and breathable fabric (nylon, spandex, and latex)
  • It has four steel flexible stabilizer springs, and special patella gel pads
  • There are added non-slip silicone slips to keep it in place even during intensive exercise and playing
  • Suitable for basketball, volleyball, hiking, weightlifting, CrossFit, skiing, dancing, and all other physical activities which put a strain on the knee
  • It can help reduce inflammation and provide pain relief from injuries and ailments, like a meniscus tear, arthritis, tendonitis, ACL, MCL, PCL, surgery, and others
  • Suitable for male and female basketball players
  • It is available in sizes from small to XL

McDavid HEX Padded Compression Leg Sleeve

The HEX technology used for these basketball knee pads is among the top preferred leg sleeves by professional and collegiate players due to its durability, protection, and comfort.

With these basketball knee sleeves and pads by McDavid, you can practice and play without fear of impact and injuries during the high-impact game. They also help resolve knee pain due to injury or overuse.


  • The knee compression sleeves are sold in pairs
  • Available in sizes for adults from small to XXL, and in one suitable for children
  • They feature the special patented 9mm HEX closed-cell foam padding protection
  • The HEX padding technology is among the most preferred of pro basketball players
  • Make of breathable and moisture-wicking fabric
  • Suitable for practice, play, and for all-day wearing
  • The extended length helps protect most of the leg
  • Made of non-slip material to keep the pads in place, without slipping or chafing
  • Helps compress and keep the leg muscles warm and safe from cramping or fatigue
  • Suitable for both men and women, and also as youth basketball knee pads
  • Available in 7 different color options
  • they can be laundered in a washing machine

Bucwild Sports Knee Pads Compression Pro Knee Sleeves Youth & Adult Sizes

This pair of basketball knee pads are made of durable and comfortable polyester fabric and spandex, and each of the two knee sleeves for basketball features 10mm EVA foam padding. This is among the thickest available paddings used for knee pads for basketball, which can still allow freedom of movement and excellent performance on the basketball court.


  • 10mm EVA foam pads which are at least 2mm thicker than those offered by other leading brands
  • The knee pads are designed to provide the good protection and support of the leg muscles but without restricting the movement of the player
  • They are also suitable for volleyball, wrestling, and other high impact contact sports
  • They are comfortable and soft and made of polyester material and a spandex mix
  • Available in s size leg sizes for youths, teens, as well as in medium, large, and XL sizes for adults
  • They are true to size
  • The material used is moisture-wicking to keep you comfortable while playing or training with the pads on
  • The knee guards for basketball are sold with a replacement guarantee if they do not fit you
  • You can purchase the pads in black, white, red, navy blue as well as in camo patterns in all these colors

Kuangmi Knee Brace Compression Sleeve 

These excellent quality basketball knee pads by Kuangmi are suitable for both support and knee protection, as well as for pain relief and faster injury recovery.

They are affordable and attractive and are suitable for all types of sports, activities, as well as for daily wearing.


  • The pads are offered at an excellent price-quality ratio
  • Also suitable for walking, hiking, cycling, CrossFit, and all other physical exercises and activities
  • They help improve the stability of the knee joints, and reduce the risk of injuries
  • They can help relieve the pain from injuries and arthritis, and also speed up recovery
  • They keep the knees stable and protected while not hindering the movements or the blood circulation
  • Made of soft, non-itching materials
  • The anti-slip sleeves help the knee pads stay in place even during vigorous activities
  • They have silicone pads and two steel springs
  • They are available in several color options
  • You can buy them in leg sizes from small to XX-large

MODVEL 2 Pack Knee Compression Sleeve FDA Approved Knee Brace

These compression sleeves and knee pads basketball can be worn as stabilizers and for protection of the knees by basketball players, as well as for joint support, the prevention of injuries, and for pain relief.

The inexpensive basketball knee pads have an ergonomic design and are suitable for all kinds of sports and physical activities, as well as for everyday use on and off the court.


  • A set of two basketball knee guards costs less than $20
  • They are ergonomic and designed to support the knee joints during intensive high impact sports and activities
  • The basketball knee pad can be used for protection as well as for pain relief and recovery from injury
  • Suitable for people suffering from arthritis and other painful joint problems
  • Made of a breathable and comfortable material
  • The braces have non-slip top cuffs to keep them in place during sports
  • Suitable for men and women
  • They are sold with a 100% money-back guarantee
  • You can buy them in sizes ranging from small to large (for all leg sizes from 12.9 inches up to 22.8 inches above the kneecap)
  • They can be washed safely in a washing machine

McDavid Knee Pad with Thick Gel Insert for Impact Absorption

This basketball knee pad is made of latex-free neoprene, which provides a snug and yet comfortable fit and healing warmth.

It is designed to stabilize the joint and to prevent injuries, as well as for faster and pain-free healing from injuries.


  • Each knee pad is sold separately in left or right knee options
  • Provides stability to the knee to prevent injuries, and to keep the joint safe during recovery from a surgery or injury
  • Thanks to the compressive effect of this knee pad, the joint will not swell up, and the pain in it will be reduced
  • The knee pads are made of durable and comfortable 3.2mm neoprene
  • It is completely latex-free
  • It has a long-lasting, impact-absorbing Sorbothane Gel insert located on top of the kneecap
  • It is available in left or right knee options, and in sizes from small to extra large
  • The knee pad basketball is sold with a 100% money-back guarantee

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