The Best Backup Cameras of 2021

As you probably know, since May this year, having a backup camera is legally required for all new cars which are sold in the US. The government realized that what once seemed like a luxury is actually a vital safety feature that can save a lot of lives.

Backup Camera

Since there are so many different types of rearview cameras out there, we have thoroughly reviewed quite a few of them to come up with our top picks for 2021 for you.

Our winner and favorite is the Auto-VOX X2 backup camera, but please read on to find out more about all of our top favorites for this year.

Best runner-up

Rear View Safety RVS-770615 Backup Camera System

This three camera system will completely eliminate any blind spots when you are backing up your car. The large, crystal clear TFT LCD color display is 7 inches and will show distance grid lines along with the view from the back of your vehicle.

The three 1/3 inch Sharp CCD cameras included in the system are completely waterproof (IP69K rated), so you don’t have to worry about using them in rain or snow. They have heavy-duty metal housing and are also shock-resistant, so they won’t break down if you drive on a bumpy road or if a collision occurs. They have nifty sunshades as well, which are easy to adjust.

They also have 18 infra-red lights each, which allow for a very clear night vision for a distance of up to 50 ft., even when it is completely dark outside.

The cameras have 130-degree viewing angles, so nothing will remain hidden from your view when you are in reverse mode.

All cameras have built-in mics as well.

The display has a removable sunshade, a built-in speaker, and backlit buttons, as well as an auto-dimming function which dims the screen in low light conditions for better viewing.

The system includes all of the cables, wires, and other elements you will need for mounting the cameras and display in and on the car.

This great backup camera kit is sold with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year warranty plus lifetime friendly technical support by Rear View Safety.

Best budget option

LeeKooLuu Backup Camera and Monitor Kit

If you are not ready to pay more than $30-40 for a backup camera, we strongly suggest you consider purchasing the budget-friendly LeeKooLuu.

This will cost you just over 30 dollars and will keep you safe from backing into another car or object.

The affordable backup camera is IP68 waterproof and has a viewing angle of 135 degrees and a set of 7 LED lights for clear night vision. It will work in temperatures as low as -22 -30 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

The monitor unit has a 4.3 inch LCD display which you can attach to the dashboard or other flat surfaces via the provided pedestal and adhesive foam.

The monitor can display the picture from two cameras for added safety.

Overall, this HD 7080 rearview camera is one of the easiest to install and use. The camera can easily be mounted to the rear license plate.

The video is PAL and NTSC format.

You can choose the option of it being automatically powered on when the vehicle is in reverse gear if you connect it to the reverse lights.

Since the rearview camera works with a voltage of 12V DC power, you can also directly plug it into the car lighter for continuous use if you prefer.

All of the cables and adapters for power, car lighter, and video are included in the package.

The inexpensive backup camera is sold with a 2-year warranty, and the manufacturer offers useful technical support to its customers.

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And here are our other top picks for this year

eRapta Wireless Backup Camera with Monitor System 5”

If you want a wireless backup camera with a wide viewing angle and suitable for just about any vehicle – small or big, we suggest you take a closer look at the eRapta wireless backup camera.


  • The camera has adjustable lenses at 20 degrees and a viewing angle of 149 degrees.
  • Works for most vehicles from small cars to trucks and RVs
  • The cameras are IP69 waterproof and made of top quality resin for added sturdiness and waterproofness
  • The camera has 8 integrated LED lights which will switch on as soon as the light gets low for better visibility when parking in dark conditions
  • The HD display is 5 inches
  • The Bluetooth wireless signal is strong and will stay connected at all times.
  • The set includes the camera, monitor, a mounting bracket, and cords for charging and for powering the camera and the monitor.
  • Sold with a 2-year warranty and 24/7 lifetime customer support


We chose the Auto-Vox X2 as our top choice for 2021 because it is a versatile camera that can be used as a backup camera as well as a dash cam with a G-Sensor and parking monitor and a lane departure alarm – all in one.

The 9.8-inch display with touch sensitivity can be strapped directly over your rear view mirror, where you can get a clear view of what is behind you when you are backing up.

The camera is easy to install on top of the rear license plate.

The Auto-Vox X2 also doubles as a dash cam and will record video in high resolution. The video recording is triggered by the G-force meter sensor, which detects a collision. It can be saved on an SD card for later viewing or as evidence for the insurance or police in case of an accident on the road or parking lot.

The system supports a Loopback recording function which will overwrite the older videos and continue recording any incidents even if the memory card is full.

The sensor will continue working and will detect any impact even when your car is parked, so you will have a video recording of the person or car which backed into it or edged or of the perpetrator who tried to break into it.

The X2 backup camera has a 140 viewing angle, so there will be no blind spots and accidents when you are parking or backing up your vehicle.

The rear camera will turn on automatically as soon as you switch to reverse gear and display a clear view of what is behind the car.

The front and the rear view scope is five times larger than the traditional rearview mirrors.

The front-facing camera also works as a lane departure warning device and will emit both visual and audible warnings if it detects that the car is leaving or swerving out of the lane. This is an excellent option to have and will help prevent accidents due to fatigue or falling asleep behind the wheel, which can happen during a long drive.

The touchscreen display can be adjusted with a swipe of your fingers and will give you a clear and bright picture of everything going on in real-time.

Overall, the Auto-Vox X2 backup camera is a superb multifunctional device that will help you stay safe on the road when backing up as well as when you are driving or have parked your car.

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ZEROXCLUB Digital Wireless Backup Camera System

This backup camera kit is the perfect wireless solution for trucks, RVs and semi-trailers, and includes 4 cameras, which will give you a clear view of the traffic even when you are driving at a speed of up to 75 miles per hour.


  • The set includes 4 wireless cameras and a 7-inch monitor.
  • The cameras will remain securely connected via Bluetooth to the monitor even at high speed up to 75MPH, with no interference.
  • Each camera has a CMOS sensor and 18 infrared lights for clear night vision, and a digital HD image processor.
  • The cameras are IP69 waterproof.
  • The monitor is plugged into the car cigarette lighter and will switch on automatically when you switch to reverse.
  • You can use the split-screen mode to view all 4 cameras at once
  • The resolution of the image is 600 TV lines, and 960 x 576p
  • The 140 viewing angle of each camera will leave no blind spots to worry about when backing up.
  • The system works at a voltage range of 12-24V DC, so it works with all large vehicles.
  • It includes all the mounts, cables, power cords, chargers, a sunshade for the display, and antennas for all units, along with detailed instructions for installation and operation.
  • Sold with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year replacement warranty, as well as lifetime customer technical support

Why should you buy a rear view camera?

A backup camera is no longer considered a luxury but an essential safety feature. Since May 1, 2021, in accordance with the Rear Visibility Standard adopted by the US government, all new cars which are sold in the US must have such a system.

But, you don’t need to wait until you buy a new car to get one for yourself, because these cameras are now offered at very reasonable prices, and are easy to install, and yet will keep you, your car, and the other members of the traffic safer.

Most of these cameras have night vision, and some even can be used as dash cams and parking alarms for added safety and will record the video of a collision or of an attempt for burglary or vandalism even when the car is parked, and you are away.

So, you should definitely consider getting a rear view camera for safety’s sake.

Final words

We truly hope that our brief reviews will be helpful to all of you looking for a backup safety camera for your vehicle.

Our top best list contains cameras of all price ranges and with varied functionalities, but all of them work very well and serve the purpose they are made for – to help you keep an eye on what is behind you when you are in reverse, parking, or maneuvering.

Some are wired, and others are wireless. Some have a single camera, and other systems include up to 4 cameras for an even better overall view of the traffic and situation behind you and around you when you are driving or parking.

So, go ahead and install your own backup camera today, and you can rest assured that you will keep yourself, your family, and others safe when you are in the car.


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