7 Best Velveeta Cheese Substitutes

velveeta cheese substitutes

Cheese pairs well with a ton of recipes making a great accompaniment. Velveeta cheese to be more specific is creamy and has the kind of consistency that melts right in your mouth. It gives better results when liquefied in the microwave or stove. No wonder …

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6 Best Garam Masala Substitutes

garam masala substitute

Most people prefer adding spices to their food once in a while. This is because spices add aroma and offer a distinct taste to food. Among the most commonly used spices is Garam Masala. It combines several spices into one blend to provide a distinctive …

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What to do with Fireplace Ashes

what to do with fireplace ashes

A wood-burning fireplace not only brings about much-needed heat but also adds a classic ambiance. The biggest worry, however, is what can be done with the residual ashes that the burning woods leave behind. There are so many useful ways that you can use fireplace …

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10 Best Coconut Oil Substitutes

coconut oil substitute

Coconuts are considered to be incredibly healthy and are popular in most countries in the world. They come from palm trees and are used in different forms. One such form is coconut oil which comes with many of the benefits that coconuts provide. The oil …

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How to Fix a Squeaky Bed

how to fix a squeaky bed

A nuisance many people never want to experience is a noisy bed. It can interfere with your sleep and there is also the risk that it may give away when you are in slumber. That is something unimaginable. Good news! You can fix this problem …

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Top 10 Agave Nectar Substitutes

agave nectar substitute

The agave family of plants holds much culinary significance. From it, we get beverages like tequila and, more importantly, agave nectar. The latter is a sweetener whose popularity is soaring very fast. Also known as agave syrup, it comes from several species of this plant, …

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The Best 6 Pernod Substitutes For Cooking

pernod substitute

Some types of foods, especially seafood, come with an odor that can interfere with their original flavors. Pernod is a drink originated from France and it is suitable for giving your meals licorice and anise flavors. The presence of this drink explains why French food …

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