20 Foods That Start With the Letter I

food that starts with i

If you are having trouble coming up with more than 1-2 foods or ingredients that start with the letter “I,” then you can read through our list of food that starts with I. We have included some interesting facts, as well as foods from all …

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Oven Smoking? 6 Potential Problems – How to Fix Them

oven smoking

Are you worried about your oven smoking excessively through the door or vent while still seemingly working normally? Well, any unusual amount of smoke – light or heavy should be taken into consideration as soon as possible. Excessive smoke emissions can occur in any type …

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Does Soda Go Bad? How Long Does Soda Last?

does soda go bad

Do you like to stock up on your favorite soda? If so, you may be wondering whether soda can go bad, how to store it properly and how to tell whether it has perished. Sodas have best-by dates, but as with other products and beverages, …

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Weber Q2200 Review – Features, Pros and Cons

weber q2200

Since it was first introduced to the market, the Q Series by Weber has become a staple for a portable gas-powered grill among casual and regular grill users. The compact grill was designed by Weber as an easy solution for urban people with limited outdoor …

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Complete Guide to Injecting Meat for Smoking

injecting meat

Injecting meat for smoking is not new, but it has become increasingly popular and easily accessible, not only within the realms of barbecue competitions but among backyard pitmasters and home cooks as well. A meat injection is an easy and efficient way to infuse the …

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7 Best Vertical Smokers Reviewed in Detail [2022]

best vertical smoker

Vertical smokers have multiple benefits as compared to the traditional horizontal ones. Firstly, they have significantly smaller footprints, which makes them suitable for people with limited outdoor space. Second of all, due to the laws of physics, the smoke and heat move upward, which means …

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Traeger Ironwood 885 Pellet Grill Review

traeger ironwood 885 review

Traeger is the Company that first introduced and patented the concept of a pellet stove and grill and was the sole manufacturer of these appliances from the 1980s to 2006. So, it is no surprise that it is still a leader in the industry and …

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What’s the Best Type of Grill Grate Material?

types of grill grates

You may be wondering what the difference between the materials used for making grill grates is. The different grills are fitted with different types of cooking grates, the most popular being cast iron, stainless steel, and porcelain-enameled. You should take into consideration what the grill …

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The Best Infrared Thermometers for All Your Cooking Needs

best infrared thermometer

Do you often have trouble deciding whether your grill is hot enough and ready for searing those beautiful steaks or grilling the mouthwatering burgers? In order to eliminate the guesswork and the need to have to touch the surface of your cooking surface, you can …

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