7 Best Substitutes For Orange Juice

substitute for orange juice

Orange juice is not only a popular breakfast beverage, but freshly squeezed orange juice can add a flavorsome tang to a variety of sweet and savory dishes too. It is perfect for glazing ham steak, marinating meat, making vinaigrettes for salad, steaming fish, making fruit …

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6 Best Chili Sauce Substitutes

chili sauce substitute

If you are a chili sauce fanatic, then you will agree that nothing is better than adding some of your favorite sauce to just about any dish or snack. Even though there is a huge assortment of different hot chili sauces on the market, if …

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10 Best Substitutes For Semolina Flour

semolina flour substitute

Semolina flour is a coarse-textured flour made of hard durum wheat, which is most commonly used for making pasta or porridge. It is a dark golden-brown colored flour with a mild and earthy flavor but can be hard to find in some areas. Thankfully, there …

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6 Best Substitutes for Wheat Bran

wheat bran substitute

Wheat bran is made of the top hard layer of the wheat kernel known as brand. It is the outer layer that covers the endosperm and germ of the wheat kernels and is stripped from it during the milling. Wheat bran is a healthy byproduct …

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Top 10 Substitutes for Green Chilies

substitute for green chilies

Hot green peppers are commonly used ingredients for all types of dishes, salads, and sides, especially for spicy meals and dips. They are delicious and are, in fact, very healthy as well. There is a wide variety of different green chilies which vary in taste, …

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6 Best Substitutes For Mustard Powder

dry mustard substitute

Dry mustard is made of ground and powdered mustard seeds and is also known as English mustard. Ground mustard is a main ingredient and spice used for making different sauces, dips, vinaigrettes, dressings, salads, dry rubs, and marinades for meats, and more. Some of the …

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7 Best Bourbon Substitutes For Baking & Cooking

bourbon substitutes

Bourbon is a favorite American drink and a key ingredient in a multitude of delicious recipes for dishes like barbecue chicken sliders, pecan pie, glazed ham, and many other main dishes, pastries, and desserts. Thanks to its kick, bourbon adds a mouthwatering and satisfying flavor …

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Muriatic Acid – Top Tips for Safe Use in Cleaning

muriatic acid

A muriatic acid is a diluted form (14.5-29%) of hydrochloric acid, which is widely used for different home projects for restoration and maintenance. It is also commonly used for various industries such as leather workers, pearl makers, and others. It is an inexpensive cleaning and …

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7 Best Pool Pump 2021 Reviews

best pool pump

A pool pump is the most vital part of a well-functioning, clean, and safe swimming pool, no matter its size and type. Since it has such an important function, it is essential to pick the best pool pump for your pool. But given the wide …

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