How Much Charcoal Should You Use?

how much charcoal to use

If you are new to grilling and smoking, you may be wondering how much charcoal to use for your cooking. It is essential to find the ideal balance of how much charcoal to use to ensure that the cooker achieves and maintains the temperature you …

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Low and Slow Smoked Pork Brisket

smoked pork brisket

Pork brisket, you read it correctly. Although you may not have heard of pork brisket before, it is a relatively new pig cut that is quickly gaining popularity. When done well, smoked pig brisket is actually rather good. Continue reading to learn more about the …

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Smoked Tilapia – Recipe & Guide

smoked tilapia

Tilapia fish is a beautiful delicacy, especially when prepared properly. One of the best ways to prepare it is by making smoked tilapia. When it is cooked low and slow with suitable smoke wood, and at the right temperature, smoked tilapia is one of the …

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How Long Does Smoked Meat Last?

how long does smoked meat last

Smoked meat takes a lot of time and patience to prepare, so often, we make more meat and food than we can consume. The questions are – how long does smoked meat last, and how to store the leftovers without wasting food? First, there is …

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Should You Cook Brisket Fat Side Up or Down?

brisket fat side up or down

There have been arguments among pitmasters regarding whether to cook the brisket with the fat side up or down, in addition to disagreements about the optimum sort of grill to use for barbecuing. If you’re new to the grilling, smoking, and barbecue world, you might …

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How to Smoke a Duck Breast in an Electric Smoker?

smoked duck breast

A sumptuous treat that will dazzle your family or visitors and leave you all hankering for more is smoked duck breast. Duck breasts are a gorgeous piece of meat, but you can make them even better by smoking them. By brining the meat before smoking …

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Smoked Lamb Shoulder Recipe

moked lamb shoulder

Lamb is not as popular a choice among pitmasters when it comes to smoking, or at least it is not as commonly cooked as ribs or brisket. But the fact is that smoked lamb shoulder is a delicious meal and is easy to prepare even …

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Can You Eat Raw Steak and Is it Safe?

eating raw steak

In France, the rest of Europe, and other continents including Africa and Southeast Asia, blue steak or extra raw steak is a real delicacy; nevertheless, it is not as well-liked in the USA. Other well-known gourmet meals based on raw meat that are offered at …

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