Crispy Smoked Chicken Wings

crispy smoked chicken wings

Crispy smoked chicken wings are true crowd-pleasers, with their juicy and tender meat and the mouthwatering crispy skin. Whether you are new to smoking or an advanced smoker, this recipe is definitely one you should try out. It is very easy to prep and smoke, …

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How to Use a Charcoal Grill

how to use a charcoal grill

Backyard barbecuing and grilling is a great American tradition that started with the colonization of the Spanish conquerors of the Caribbean, who were fascinated by the native’s slow cooking of meat over a flame. Eventually, this cooking style came to the American South in the …

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How to Make Pastrami – Step by Step Guide

how to make pastrami

Imagine being able to make your own smoky and delicious pastrami at home? The truth is that the process is simple and yet takes about a week. Thus, it requires some patience, but you will be more than satisfied with the results once you are …

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How to Insulate Your Smoker? All You Must Know

smoker insulation

Are you wondering how to insulate your smoker so that you can use it more efficiently, even on the coldest days and nights of the year? If your smoker does not have proper insulation, it can lose heat and smoke, even in the summer. This …

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Prime Rib vs. Ribeye – What is the Difference?

prime rib vs ribeye

They may come from the same primal cut of beef, and their names may sound very similar, but the fact is that prime rib and ribeye are different cuts, which need to be prepared differently for the best results. If you are wondering what the …

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Cold Smoked Salmon Recipe

cold smoked salmon

Cold smoked salmon is salmon that has been dry-cured in salt, and then cold smoked at a temperature lower than 80-100 degrees Fahrenheit, which results in a beautiful fish with a velvety smooth and firm texture. This is what makes it different from hot smoked …

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How to Prepare Smoked Shrimp

smoked shrimp

You may not be familiar with smoked shrimp, but the fact is that by smoking these delicious sea creatures, you will end up with a wonderful smoke-infused appetizer or shrimp for different dishes like jambalayas, pasta, salads, and other recipes which use shrimp. The best …

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The Best Meats to Smoke at Home

best meats to smoke

BBQ and smoking have become increasingly popular, which has led to the increased interest in different meat types and cuts. Smoking usually works best for lower-priced cuts, which are easily accessible and are excellent affordable alternatives to the more expensive cuts. If you are wondering …

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A Fishing Guide’s Smoked Trout Recipe

smoked trout

According to fishing enthusiasts, pitmasters, and foodies alike, there are many ways to prepare delicious fresh trout, and smoking it is among the best. The smoked trout retains its moistness and tenderness and gains an added smoky flavor. Here is a complete guide for preparing …

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Capicola/Cappacuolo: What Is It & How To Make


Cappacuolo, which is also known as Capicola, Cappocola, Capicollo, and gabbagool, is a beautiful thinly sliced cured meat from the pork neck or shoulder. The delicious salami originates from Italy, where it is a common part of the antipasto platters as well as on charcuterie …

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