How Long Does Watermelon Last?

how long does watermelon last

Getting a watermelon is not uncommon in the summer months. It’s a great snack and it keeps you hydrated too. But if you don’t store it properly, it can go bad. Luckily, it’s effortless to store it. What’s the Best Way to Store Watermelon? There …

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Does Balsamic Vinegar Go Bad

does balsamic vinegar go bad

Balsamic vinegar is one of the easiest kitchen food items when it comes to storage. It’s one of those things that does not require any attention once you know literally a couple of things about it. We’ll talk about all that in a minute. The …

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How Long is Chicken Salad Good for?

how long is chicken salad good for

Chicken salad is a staple in most American households. If you made it for lunch and have a lot left over, you might be wondering how long it will stay good for. Or you’re prepping meals for the week and wonder if you can make …

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How Long is Sausage Good for in the Fridge

how long is sausage good for in the fridge

The shelf life of any food item is an extremely important aspect. In the US, sausages are inspected by the USDA to ensure that they are following safe practices. And if retail outlets make these sausages to sell them within the same state, this is …

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What Do Macarons Taste Like?

what do macarons taste like

Just the word “macaron” is enough to conjure up the vision of this delicate confection in the colors of the rainbow and a bite of it leaves you all warm and fuzzy. A perfect balance of taste and elegance, macarons are not only delightful to …

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How Long Do Blueberries Last?

how long do blueberries last

Blueberries are a yummy treat no matter how you like to eat them and they have a ton of health benefits too. They are also a very versatile ingredient—you can use them for pancakes, muffins, smoothies, and pies. If you love this superfood, chances are …

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Does Red Wine Vinegar Go Bad?

does red wine vinegar go bad

Made by fermentation of red wine until it becomes sour, red wine vinegar is a must-have condiment in the kitchen. Red wine vinegar can brighten up your dishes instantly by adding a bit of acidity and sweetness to practically anything, right from salads to meats, …

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