How To Use a Can Opener?

how to use a can opener

While many canned goods today come with pop-top lids, which do not require the use of a can opener or another opening tool, there are still many canned goods and products that require a good can opener. So while some people argue that can openers …

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How to Store Cucumbers to Last for Weeks?

how to store cucumbers

There is nothing like enjoying a fresh and cool, crunchy cucumber in a salad when the summer comes. But the problem is – how to store the cucumber properly so that it lasts as long as possible and so that it retains its fresh taste …

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Can You Freeze Spaghetti Squash? Yes! Here’s How!

can you freeze spaghetti squash

Spaghetti squash is a popular and healthier alternative to carb-rich spaghetti. This type of squash can be prepared in all types of ways, including baking, steaming, boiling, and others. When it is cooked, its strands resemble spaghetti and can be a much healthier and nutrient-rich, …

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8 Alternatives to Gutters on Houses

gutter alternatives

Do you dread the task of having to climb on a ladder or on the roof to clean the gutters of your house from leaves and other debris? Unfortunately, if you want the gutters to work properly and to protect your home from water damage, …

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How to Get Burnt Smell Out Of Microwave?

how to get burnt smell out of microwave

If you have ever burnt food in your microwave oven, you know just how unpleasant the lingering smell is and how it can affect the taste and smell of everything else you heat up or cook in the microwave. The most important thing to do …

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How to Unclog AC Drain Pipe?

how to unclog ac drain pipe

The AC drain line and the drain pan are located at the bottom of your AC air handler outdoors or wherever it is installed. When you use the AC, the moisture from the air indoors is condensed into the indoor coil of the unit, and …

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