Amanda Martin – Biography 2021

Amanda Martin

Learn more about Amanda:

  • Full name: Amanda Martin
  • Net Worth: $300 000
  • Occupation: Reality television star
  • Birthday: December 11, 1973
  • Birthplace: Red Oak, USA
  • Birth Sign: Saggitarius
  • Spouse: Joe Martin

Amanda Martin is a reality television star currently starring in the series Iron Resurrection. Her husband, Joe Martin, is the president of a company called Martin Brothers Customs, and together, they find busted bikes and cars and bring them back to life. In September of 2018, the third season of the show began, and both Joe and Amanda Martin are reaping the benefits and becoming more popular and well known than ever.

Getting Started

Not much is known about Amanda “Mandi” Martin, but she was born sometime in 1986 in the United States. In addition to their television show, Mandi and Joe have an online store that can be found at Her husband Joe has a net worth of approximately $700,000, while hers is estimated to be roughly $300,000, which means that together they are worth $1 million.

Amanda has worked closely with Joe since the very first episode of Iron Resurrection. She also has a presence on social media outlets such as Facebook, with more than 22,000 followers; Instagram – more than 35,000 followers; and Twitter, where she has more than 2,000 followers. Amanda Martin is the co-owner of her husband’s company, so they spend both their professional and personal lives together day after day.

Iron Resurrection

Martin is very much involved in the show Iron Resurrection, and in fact, she has a very important part in each step of the process. The show started in 2016 and has been tremendously successful since then. It is a reality TV show that deals with the cast, including Martin, her husband Joe, and Joe’s brother Jason – as they find vehicles that other people consider junk and turn them into something usable. So far, over 20 episodes of the show have been filmed, with another season undoubtedly on the way.

The show Iron Resurrection premiered in April of 2016 on the Velocity channel. It is based out of Austin, Texas, and it shows Mandi, Joe, and others as they scour the Texas countryside for all types of mechanical items, such as rusted roadsters and bikes that are all busted up. Regardless of how much disrepair the items seem to be in when they are found, the group seems to do a great job of resurrecting them and making them look amazing.

From the fabrication of the design to the final paint job, Mandi, Joe, and their co-worker Jayson “Shag” Arrington worked hard to find the burned-out vehicles and bikes that others have left behind so that they can create masterpieces out of them. Mandi Martin also works hard to make sure that Martin Brothers Customs is a success, even promoting the website and its merchandise on her various social media sites.

On their store website, Martin has pages that include information about the company itself and full-color photographs of many of the cars and bikes they’ve renovated.

The site also contains items that you can buy online, including t-shirts, hats, and accessories such as radiator caps, key rings, books, and stickers, and of course, information and details regarding the Iron Resurrection television show. Currently, the show airs on Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on the Velocity channel.

Mandi Martin is also involved in the building up of their business, Martin Brothers Customs, where she:

  • Asks people to contact the company if they have a vehicle they’d like to sell
  • Offers a custom build of any type of vehicle or bike
  • Oversees and supervises everything that happens both in the shop and on the website

Doing What She Does Best

Although the actual dirty work with the bikes and vehicles is left up to the guys on the show, Martin oversees everything that happens once they find an old bike or car until it is completely renovated. When her husband, Joe, won the Biker Build-Off competition many years ago, sponsored by and shown on the Discovery Channel, he started a bike shop with the winnings and got his wife and brother to work the business with him. From there, they eventually landed the Iron Resurrection television series.

Martin is also an attractive woman with blonde hair and brown eyes, and she is known to be a dog lover, even posting photographs of her dogs on her social media pages. As far as her family goes, no one knows for sure if she has any siblings; however, she has posted several photographs on her social media sites with her mother, to whom she seems to be very close.

Her job is more difficult than many people realize because she has to supervise and coordinate everything that is going on with the renovation process from start to finish. Her organizational skills, therefore, have to be impeccable because if they weren’t, the show and the business would never be a success. Martin, quite naturally, takes this responsibility very seriously. Moreover, she seems to have a natural talent for the industry, which goes a long way in helping her do her job well.

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  1. I’m not sure if this was the initial idea of the show, but it looks like they are recycling. So many things are just being thrown away and causing pollution. I hope they have inspired many people to give a new life to their old items. Amanda and Joe are fantastic!


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