How Long Does Fudge Last?

how long does fudge last

Available in a wide range of tempting flavors such as vanilla, Belgian chocolate, triple chocolate, peanut butter, cookies n’ cream and more, fudge is a purely indulgent sweet treat that one simply cannot resist. This rich, creamy and indulgent dessert is something you just can’t …

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How to Reheat Fettuccine Alfredo

how to reheat fettuccine alfredo

Most foods are quite easy to reheat these days. Leftovers are inevitable because it’s better to have cooked excess than to run out of food while still hungry. Plus, they make for great snacks later in the day, so why not, right! Now, there are …

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How Long Does Whipped Cream Last in the Refrigerator?

how long does whipped cream last

Adding whipped cream to any recipe from desserts, cakes, ice creams, cold and hot drinks, to fruit salads can make it creamy, decadent and delicious. This versatile ingredient can turn any dish from ordinary to something truly special. However, most recipes require very small amounts …

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Do Peanuts Go Bad?

do peanuts go bad

Peanuts can be great and healthy snacks for you to munch, also allowing you to cook them to add to some of your meals. However, one thing you might be wondering is whether or not peanuts ever go bad or whether you can keep eating …

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Best Tartar Sauce Brand

best tartar sauce brand

Tartar sauce is best known for its mouth-watering pairing with seafood. But there are so many other things that this creamy and tangy sauce can go on. If you recognize that magic already, you have two options. You can either pick up a bottle from …

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Fava Beans vs. Lima Beans

fava beans vs lima beans

There are a lot of questions regarding lima beans and fava beans. A lot of the time, these two beans are used interchangeably, which is not surprising. But how are they different from one another and is the substitution a valid choice? In this post, …

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Can Ceramic Go in the Microwave?

can ceramic go in the microwave

Glass dishes shatter very easily, so people prefer either porcelain or ceramic when looking for new dishes. They are not unbreakable, but they are certainly more durable than glass dishes. Ceramic is made using clay and heated to solidify it. It is a very versatile …

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Does Tofu Go Bad?

does tofu go bad

Tofu is a great plant-based protein to add to your diet. If you are on a vegan or vegetarian diet, it is one of the best ingredients to include in your meals. As more people switch to an increasingly plant-based diet, tofu has become very …

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